Little British Car Co., Ltd. - Customer Recommendations

Thank you!This is why I deal with you and not other companies.I am forever recommending your company to other LBC owners because of you responsiveness, pricing (and the coolies). Thanks again. B.M. - FL.

Thanks for your help. That is one of the reasons i order from you. There are many. Safety Fast. D.B. - AZ.

Picked up my parts and the order is right on.Cookies were an added bonus! Thank you! S.N.- Ontario, Canada

Thank you, Jeff. I can't tell you how many times I've knocked the bark off of my head adjusting the carbs. This is why I like ordering from you and Jan. As long as I own a British car, I will be a customer. F.S. - AL.

Thanks LBCarCo.It was very easy to order through your company and communication was great. B.T.- New Zealand

Thanks for the great customer service. Post office shipping was great last time. M.M. - IN

It's surprisingly satisfying perusing the moss catalog, then knowing I am going to save money with you guys. I'll be ordering more. M.M. - IN.

Wanted to express my thanks for the great products I received and for the unexpected attention to the shipping and handling of my order. Not everyone receives a response about your order and its shipping in the middle of a Sunday night as I did from Jeff. Very impressive. PS: I will be ordering more items from this great company over the winter. B.H.- Canada

Thanks for your great customer service. J.W. - OH.

You guys saved my trip to an event by having rear brake cylinders in stock. Made it all the way there about 300 miles round trip, in a 70-year-old car and didn't rear-end anyone doing it. Thx! J.A. - MI

Love your website and product line! D.H.-TX.

Hey Jeff Annette followed through and even had the back order in hand for me to pick up. Drove over in the TC and got everything home in time to work on it this weekend. Annette TOTALLY ROCKS. J.A. - MI.

It is always a pleasure dealing with your company.Your attention to detail & service is impressive. B.G. - MI.

You run a great business with fantastic accessibility Thanks! T.M. - WI.

You guys always come through for me when my MG Midget is in need . Thanks again. J.W. - OH

Thank you for the quick response and great customer service! D.L. - FL

I have always appreciated your Amazing customer service, and will continue to throw you all of my business... just bought another B! D.C. - MA.

Arrived today, great fast service, can't wait to open the box. P.G.- NY

I must say the level of service from your company is outstanding, good communication. R.L. - IL.

Thank you for the good service. I tell others about LBCarCo frequently. T.M. - WI.

You guys are the best. Luv ya! And Merry Christmas to you and your team. J.M.- FL

I appreciate your quick responses! S.W. - VA.

Thank you for saving me on all parts I have ordered from you over the years.I will continue to support Little British Car Company as long as I have all three of my MGs... A.P.- NY.

A big shout out to you all at LBCC for going the extra mile to make it easy and personable to shop your site. I'll try to patronize my Michigan friends as much as possible. J.B. - MI.

Received my order yesterday in good nick. All as ordered, well packed, and really appreciated the packet of short breads: nice touch - thanks! Will order again. D.M. - N.S.

Thanks! Fantastic service as always! Received the parts today. O.K. - HI

Yep you are correct again it looks like the switch I ordered is the wrong one for my car. This is why I like ordering from your company because of the attention to details and correcting my errors before shipping. R.A. - TX.

Thanks for you attention to saving the $$ by giving me different shipping choices. R.K. - IN.

I can't stay away from your site. Your prices are hard-to-find elsewhere. Pleasure doing business with you again, so soon! E.P. - VA.

You guys give great service!On another topic, you helped me locate a grey top for my 66 British Racing Green MGB. I had it installed a few weeks ago and really like it. T.S. - KS

Efficiency again, u r the greatest lbc parts supplier !! Hats off to u and ur gang. B.J. - Canada

Being a purist, I thank you for helping me keep my cars in perfect shape !!!! G.B. - Brazil

Just working my way through the order here, YOU have great packers. Thank your guys for great work. And thank you. B.J. - Canada

Bearing received, thanks for your excellent service and attention to detail. G.L. - Australia

Thank you . . . You have a great company

LBC's low prices keep me coming back. Thank you for your personal service and speedy shipping. It really makes a difference. LBC helps me keep my Spitfire on the road! Z.C. - VA.

I'm a big fan of you guys at LBCarCo -- great selection, quality, and pricing! I.A. - GA.

Thank you for your help I did make my order and your web site order form is very well thought out. M.T. - CA

I am very lucky to find your company, thanks again for the great personal service. - P.J. - Australia

I really appreciate the great service! D.T. - TX

I received the switch today, a mere 10 days after the order was placed in Australia. Fantastic! So thanks to you and your team for all your help, as it gets my 'B' back on the road again with minimal fuss. I will certainly be in touch again when ever I need another spare part for my MG. G.P. - Australia

Thank you for offering the best prices and service. Always a pleasure working with you all. B.C. - FL

Even with the way the Canadian dollar being in the toilet and the exchange rate being what it is I would not go anywhere else for my MGB parts! D.D. - Ontario

I received my order today,very pleased.Thank you for doing such a good job on the postage,very happy. J.N. - Australia

Received my order today and I just wanted to Thank You for getting it out so fast and especially before Christmas (as I'm sure you're busy). Since it is a Christmas present, I really appreciate the effort. K.F. - NV.

Thanks for your personal touch with the orders, it just makes us want to come back and do business. L.G. - Australia

It is a pleasure doing business with you. W.H. - PA.

Just to let you know the parts arrived today, you are fast, efficient and the best place to get any parts. PR. - FL.

Thanks LBCarCo!Item arrived today in the mail. Great service and price, I'll be back to order again. MM-AZ.

You guys are great to deal with. I will certainly recommend LBCarCo. TM - WI

Thanks for the follow-up service and the quick shipments. Wish I had more vendors like your company. I especially enjoy the lagniappe packaged with each order. Again, thanks for your help and service. PP-MO.

I ordered a bunch of parts on 9/24 and they arrived today. WOW!! Only 4 days. Way to go!! DD - ID.

I can't believe I got the parts today Friday when I ordered them Wed pm, now I can put the MG back together and make the car show on Sunday. Great job, thanks a lot. TD - PA

Just wanted to let you know that the packing job on the order was excellent! With all the heavy parts, nothing shifted or could touch another part - great job! Thanks also for combining the other order in the box! S.B. - OH

Good service. Good for customer loyalty. B.B. - CA.

Jeff, picked up the new MC and installed it yesterday. I want to thank you for the excellent service - I'll be ordering again soon! M.L. - CO.

Dear Jeff & crew, just received my order for the TF parts. All arrived in good condition within 7 days from America, slight hold-up in customs but all handled by FEDEX who kept me informed of the situation. Cannot wait to get the painting of the body finished & bringing the car home so we can start the reassemble, as it's been a full ground up resto. Car originally LHD from the USA but I am converting it over to RHD, so that it's easier for my wife to drive, as it's going to be her toy. C.B. - SA

I appreciate your fast response and shipping. You also have great pricing. F.T. - AL

Thanks Jeff and crew. Your service is the best. Doing business with you is always a pleasure. Don't retire. R.Y.-TX.

I received my order today (trunk floor, etc) and wanted to thank you and your crew for doing such a good packaging job.P.S. My wife loves your cookies and insists I order from you whenever I need parts for my Midget. The cookies were gone before I had the entire order unpacked. :) L.C.- NJ.

I received my order today. The carpet looks perfect! Thank you for handling my problem in such a fast and professional manner. It is a pleasure doing business with your company. J.R. - WI.

First class service as usual. M.M. - CA

Thanks again for your help. I can always count on your advice to assist us with maintaining our LBC. B.J. - CO.

Thanks for your great service to our club members and all LBC owners. R.M. - ID.

Thanks so much you guys are great. I will always order my parts from you. My Dad's MG is a work in progress but it's coming along and I can afford it thanks to you guys. Have a wonderful merry Christmas. D.C. - MI.

I am absolutely blown away by your service on the brake drums that I ordered this Thursday. After waiting some 5 months for the local chap (In Sydney) to deliver the same product, enough was enough last week and I cancelled and placed the order with you (which I should have done in the first place). To my total surprise, the package arrived at my office this morning (only three days), as you might suspect I have a grin from ear to ear, thanks mate. Again this just demonstrates your total customer service approach, which in my view is outstanding. I intend to make this a topic for discussion at our next club meeting so that fellow members who perhaps have not used your service will actively consider it in the future. Jeff again a great many thanks and enjoy your trip down-under. L.G. - Australia

A big thanks for the quick response in delivering my relay flasher & flasher. It arrived last week when we were in the midst of a large project & just opened this AM. I appreciate the use of USPS shipping, the manner in which the customs declaration was completed & the short bread. My wife quickly claimed them with the comment that they are "quality short breads".Our local BC source of MG parts closed down & this order to you, was my first attempt to locate a new source. I made an excellent choice, I might add with LBCarCo. M.W. - BC, Canada

Thanks for the great work you do for us LBC owners. M.J. - MI.

You should be called Superman Services! You’re faster than a speeding bullet. Ordered a spin on oil filter. It was in my hands the same week. Saved me some bucks using US mail as well. Thanks for your considerate and personal attention. You’re miles above the big boys. D.B. - Canada

Received everything Sat. Thank You again ..Tell every everyone guys are the BEST! Thanks. D.B. - IN

Thanks again for the AWESOME service!!! O.K. - HI

Nice to hear from you mate, as always you display that personal touch when doing business, makes it easy for us MG types to keep coming back. Thanks again. L.G. - Australia

Thanks for the great service. Much appreciated! J.C. - Ontario

And again, thanks for the great service and prompt and affordable shipping rates to Hawaii. O.K. - HI

It is customer service like this that will keep me purchasing my parts from your company. J.W. - MA.

Thanks for the great LBcarco personal service! G.B. - MI.

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy being your customer. You've treated me very fairly and have offered quality parts at fair prices. As I edge closer to retirement, I've been able to spend more time with little British cars. I've met some great folks and I've been able to take on a few projects for friends with problems that they can't solve with their cars. T.H. - WI

Thank you for all your help. This is my first time ordering with you. You have been very helpful. J.W. - MA.

Thank you for all of your help, I was able to get the gear box rebuilt and reinstalled this last weekend.I am tired but it is done. I would not have made it if the parts came in when they did. J.F. - MI.

Got the 2 halogen bulbs today and tested them.. Awesome!!! I can see the instrument gauges now!!!I now will order the fuel gauge and Oil pressure/temp gauge lights. C.T. - TX.

Thanks, your fast reply greatly appreciated. D.D. - MA.

I received the stem caps and flag today; what a nice surprise! Thank you very, very much for getting it to me so promptly! You rock! M.G. - KS.

Great response time Jeff. You will hear from me soon on the items I want to purchase. A.A. - Trinidad & Tobago

You and your staff are the best!! M.S. - MI.

I do want to say thank you for saving me several hundred dollars on all the pieces I ordered. B.S.- CA.

Thank you. I always recommend you to people on the MG Experience because of the great customer service. D.C. - CA.

Thank you for sending out the items I ordered so quickly. I didn't expect them for at least a week or more. I really appreciate the great service. B.G. - FL

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the quality and price of the parts I received from LBCarCo. Your response to my questions and order were exceptionally prompt. You will get a top rated review from me when any of my club members or other British car owners ask. Thanks for helping me enjoy my ride!! J.L. - PA.

Jeff, I owe you a big one! Your friends emailed me back w/in the hour, have the part, and a good price. I will definitely come back to y'all in the future!!!N.G.

Order rec'd VERY fast again, in time for mid-morning tea (the shortbread he he). You have more Moss #'s in stock there than I imagined possible! 3 daily driver MGB's and 1 MGA are grateful, thanks always M.S. - Miami

Dear LBCarCo - I was floored by the delivery speed of this order, thanks so much! It arrived as I was making tea and the shortbread couldn't have come at a better time haha :) You have my loyalty, best regards. M.S. - FL

The pickup was just as smooth as the online purchase. Thanks so much! We shall do business again. G.B. - Ontario

Love your service with reasonable shipping and prices. I go the guest route because I don't have to deal with passwords, etc. J.H. - KS

Don’t you ever quit working??? (Ha!) You are always such a “Johnny-on-the-spot” with an immediate reply. I greatly appreciate that!!! L.S. - NC

WOW - that was a fast response. You guys do an amazing job of running a company.THANK YOU! C.S. - NC

It amazes me how efficient you are, and have been a great assistance in the restoration of my MGA roadster, which is nearing completion.I am looking forward to using the car, which is looking great. T.W.- CA.

I really have always appreciated your prompt response and willingness to help when I send you emails with questions. Jeff, you make owning an MGB a much more pleasant experience. Wish me luck in my first su fuel pump rebuild. Thanks again. (Been a customer for 13 years) A.M. - Canada

Thanks so much for the continued great service (and fast too!) Don't know how you're able to ship that fast! S.B. - OH.

"Personal Touch!" says it all that's why I keep coming back !! THANKS !! W.J. - NS.

I have been a satisfied customer for some time, you folks do a great job. I will be back with another order. M.K. - PA.

Wow! Super fast response. J.C. - FL.

Team LBCC,

I’m in the process of restoring an MGB and have placed a couple of orders with your company. Let me say, I’m thrilled with your prices but more importantly your speedy service....Thank you! I’m sure I’ll be ordering much more as I have a ways to go before completing my project.

Again, thanks a bunch for the speedy service. D.G. - OH.

Received the new shackle pin - thank-you very much for your attention and excellent speedy service. I am really happy with LBCarCo! B.F. - ONT.

Of all the British car vendors - you have been the most responsive, helpful, and communicative. I do appreciate it! G.H. - NC.

I wanted to thank you for your quick responses and excellent customer support. It's much appreciated. B.C. - FL.

Received shipment notice from FEDEX today. Boy, that was quick! Thanks for the good service. D.H. - IL.

I just wanted to let you know I popped in the new distributor (143-010 for my TD) and it runs absolutely wonderfully. The car has never accelerated as smoothly. Thanks for being reasonable about the exchange of parts, and also thanks for doing the research necessary to put her back on the road with the correct distributor, wires and coil. M.J. - PA.

Thanks for being so accommodating in turning these extra parts around so quickly - you guys saved my life again I owe you one :-) M.C. - CA.

Thank you for the excellent customer service it is greatly appreciated and the heads up about the incorrect part that I ordered. D.J. - OR.

Thank for the great customer service!It has been over a year since I have been able to drive the cars, so getting the part makes my weekend! B.K. - MI

Jeff and crew -- I just wanted to drop you a quick note to thank you for your excellent service on my recent parts order. It was a very small order and I appreciated your effort to select a shipping method (US mail) to accommodate such a small shipment at the least expensive rate. Look for more orders from me in the future as I get my 66 Tourer put back together and back on the road. T.S. - OK.

Thanks for the great service. G.W. - CA.

Thank you for your awesome quick response. D.B. - AZ

Keep up the great work! Your deals are outstanding! T.H. - FL.

Thank you for the "Personal Touch!" M.J. - MI

Worked like a charm. Nice ordering site. Like the ability to print the order. D.G. - ID

Hi Erica & Jeff

The bracket has arrived today and looks to be just what I wanted – Many thanks indeed to you Erica for your efforts in locating the correct item and to you Jeff for putting me in contact with Erica in the first place. Although by no means is this a critical part but between you many tears of frustration on my part have been cured. Moss and the MGOC were always “going to source a batch soon” but of course this never materialised.

From a tiny corner of England the special relationship between our countries has just gotten a whole lot better.

Once again many many thanks to you both. G.C. - UK

Thanks to all and the efficiency at LBCarCo. W.J. - NS - Canada

I really appreciate your response to my email, and even on a Saturday. Thank you again ............ as ever, the most reliable retailer of LBC stuff !!! E.J. - TX

Holy Cow! Just got home. There was a package in between the doors. It's the replacement water pump you requested on my behalf!Now, WHO do I tell (in addition to all the members in the local MG Club, AND all the members in the New England T Club) that LBCarCo is well, incredible. NEVER had service like this from any of your competitors ( who I USED to use, before I found you). Thank you, thank you, thank you.If we ever meet, the beer is on me!Again thanks Jeff. What a fantastic buying experience this has been.HEY This means I can have the TD on the road on the weekend! Yay!Your supremely thankful and eternal customer. K.K. - Ottawa

Got the package yesterday and everything looks great. Thanks so much for your attention in getting the package to me. Look for more orders from me in the near future. B.A. - MD.

Just got the order! Great service, reasonable shipping fee, quick delivery. Well done. S.P. - CA

I've been on many organized group trips all over the world and must tell you this is among the best organized and well planned of them. W.W. - TN

The new shaft just arrived!! FANTASTIC SERVICE! K.K. - Ontario

Thanks again for your pricing. As I continue to restore and replace parts on my 1980 MGB, I am regularly perusing your site. J.B.- NC

Thanks for all the support. You guys really take care of the customer. C.B. - TN

Thanks for the great service! Not only are your prices better than others, the fuel pump arrived promptly and brought my MGA to life. Oh, and thank you for the Scottish Shortbread biscuits. A.B. - VA.

Parts received with thanks! Great service, much appreciated. The battery box fits perfectly! I’m really pleased. G.C.- Ontario, Canada

Jeff, the order arrived today, 28th, and I am quite pleased with your efficiency and service. Everything is just as ordered and on time. J.G. - AL

Thank you for your fast response. Your website was easy to navigate, your prices are very reasonable and the customer service is personal. Very much looking forward to receiving my order and doing further business with you. C.G. - HI

Between your always great prices and the special sales, I will gradually be able to procure all the parts for our frame off restore. Your continued presence, LBCar enthusiasm, and excellent customer service is much appreciated by all of us. J.H. - CA

Thanks for the swift reply and I look forward to the parts arriving. Thanks for the excellent service and prices. E.W. - CA

Also I want to thank you for the very good service on all my orders. I look forward to the cookies!!! J.T. - WI

Thank you so much for your help!! You guys are just so wonderful to work with. L.M - FL

Just wanted to thank you for the excellent!!!!!! service. You are always my first choice when I do order, keep this up and Ill stay with LB Car CO. Thanks Again. R.U. - NY.

I've ordered a lot of car parts over the Internet and your web site is the best I've ever used. Whoever set that up for you really knew what they were doing. It's a pleasure doing business with you and trying to keep the British Sport Cars from extinction. R.H. - FL.

Thank you for the usual excellent service. - W.P. - MN.

Thank you for the top notch customer service. G.B. - MD.

Many thanks. Great service! J.T. - ONT.

I received tracking info today,thanks. I wanted to let you know that I appreciate the efficient way you handle orders and keep me posted as to their whereabouts. I will continue to buy from you because of the great service. I will be recommending your company to the members of my local car club at the next meeting. T.C. - BC

Hi, just a note on my part purchase from LBC I needed a windshield/body rubber weatherstrip for a Bugeye I was selling, Moss was out of stock, bought the VB one, didn't fit, wasted 4 hours trying to make it work, finally gave up, LBC just happened to send a sale e mail, bought 2 of the rubber pieces, arrived, Viola! fit perfect, done in 20 minutes! I'm impressed and on board as a customer. E.W. - PA

Hi guys, Thanks very much for the great service, always! M.F. - PA.

I received my order today. Thanks so much for the good service you provided. The poster is great! L.O. - New Zealand

Thanks again for the great site and service!! J.H. - CA

Just a note to thank you for your great service. B.M., Ontario, Canada

Thanks for all you do. I'll keep bragging on you guys. I.O. - GA

Hey, Thanks again for such great service!!! D.H. - MI.

Thank You... You guys are the best !!! D.L. - AZ

Many thanks as usual for your courteous service which is always on a personal level. It is one of the main reasons I keep coming back to you for goodies for the MG. L.G. - Australia

That's what I call top notch service! Thank you! RM - IN.

Thanks so much, I got the parts. Much relief here as I can get the car together now by the 23rd. Many thanks for the great service! D.B. - MN.

Thank you very much...... you have great customer service.... I just ordered my steering wheel......A.P. - CA

The pub towels are here! I am happy I found you. My former husband is English and our friends always made sure I had pub towels. Times change ....and I had not had new towels in YEARS! They make me smile as I use them on my kitchen counters. Thank you for your wonderful service. S.S. - FL

Thanks LBCarCo! As always - over the top customer service - I have a feeling it is more than a "job" for you. I very much appreciate you being there and taking care of our British car restoration needs - most all of us have to sacrifice financially to restore these cars and having a substantial discount along with your premium customer service is a joy and helps us get our restorations and maintenance completed. J.H - CA.

You guys are great! Thank you for the extra efforts..Arrived around noon. T.D. - MI.

Thanks for the follow-up, you guys are GOOD. D.L. - AZ

Came today Thanks Great service Jeff! R.O. - Canada

Jeff – wow! You said tomorrow and I didn’t realize I missed a whole day already! You folks are fast, and great. Your “personal touch” was the highlight of the shipment for my son. Those happen to be his FAVORITE cookies. He has already asked me if we’re ordering more TD parts M.H. - FL

It arrived today, which is great - I may be able to make a club event this weekend! Thank you for the excellent customer service. (as always!) MM - TX.

Just wanted to say thanks for the fast service. I had my MG back on the road Sunday and have been driving it to work this week since the weather has been so great. C.B. - OK

Thanks to your staff/coworkers, and to you as well! You are a great representative, and I am thankful for your assistance and consideration. J.H. - MS

Thanks! Love the service! T.M. - LA

Hello Jeff, I picked up the parts today your staff did a great job, thank you all very much. Now I just have to finish putting it all together. C.R. - Ontario, Canada

Annette, I just wanted to thank you again for all your help today with my dilemma trying to get Customs paperwork for the other race car parts I picked at another vendor that had nothing to do with you or LBCarCo. It is stellar customer service like that that makes dealing with people like yourself and LBCarCo such and enjoyable experience. Due to your help in allowing me to have the paperwork I required faxed to you I was able to get through Customs with no problems what so ever. As I do not have a direct email address for Jeff, could you please forward this email to him so he is aware of what, in my opinion, is an excellent job you do and how helpful you are to his clients. Thank you again for your assistance. C.H. - London, Ont.

Hi JeffJust received notice that my order has arrived at the parcel service. Fast work!Thanks for the excellent service. J.C. - London, Ont.

Hi Jeff and Staff: Thanks for the very speedy shipment. All the best, and thanks for the great service. B.T. - Ontario, Canada

Chrome bumper bars have just crawled out of someone's back yard wool shed ( not kidding).Can now save on carbon footprints and let the order go. Thank you all the same. Your genuinely terrific to deal with. E.K. - Vic, Australia

Got all my parts - in plenty of time. Thanks again for the great service. B.F. - CA

WOW ! That was fast ! Ordered on the 12th and received everything on the 15th. It would have been the 14th but our mailman got snowed-in. THANK YOU !!! D.L. - AZ

To let you know the parcel arrived yesterday in good shape, super service express...who could wish for more. J.H. - South Africa

Wow! I will have it Monday!! Perfect. Thank you for getting it shipped Priority Mail Friday. T.N.- OR

Just wanted to let you know that my order arrived on time and in great shape. What made it special, however, was the pack of Walker Shortbread. Nice touch!!! Thanks again, and I will definitely be ordering again. E.M. - VA

Fastest reply to a question EVER ! Thank you for the info... I.O. - GA

Thought you might like a little feedback about your order process. According to FedEx, they picked up package on Monday night at 5:30pm; it was delivered about 10:30 the next morning and I had it installed by about 1:00pm. Terrific order response!!! C.I. - OH

Thank you for your quick response and FINE service. I really like dealing with your company. J.W. - WA

Just to let you know that I received my items today. Thanks again for the great service and prompt delivery as always. O.K. - HI

My spindles arrived today and I can only say "Wow" for customer service. Thanks again for the best service ever. A.B. - CA

I really appreciate your prompt and friendly service! C.M. - NC

Your extra efforts to meet my schedule is much appreciated, saved me a bunch to order before deadline. R.C. - OH

Thank You !!! I enjoy ordering from you guys, you're very efficient. D.L. - AZ

Just to let you know that my order arrived in perfect shape, and spot on time. I also appreciated the shortbread! Many thanks for your excellent service. R.A. - PA.

Jeff - Wow man, got the tracking number from FedEx already and couldn't be happier. I do appreciate the service and effort you put into your business. Feel lucky I found you and will pass along my experience to others. Take care and again, thanks. D.N. - CA.

As usual.Great service. K.F. - OH

Your service is fantastic and my wife loves the shortbread. R.N. - MA

Thank you for supplying the order quickly. The car is again on the road. L.F. - WV

Parcel received in good order with most items fitted within half hour of delivery. Thank you for a great service. M.C. - NSW, Australia

Thank you for sending ground and saving me the extra money. I did not realize it would be that much. Great customer service! J.L. - TX

Many thanks for fixing this for me – it is a level of service one doesn’t expect to receive these days.G.W. - Australia

Top fits and works great! Very good value for money in my opinion. J.M. - NH

Thanks, Jeff........And a big thank you to you and all the folks at LBCarco for helping to keep my little British jewel on the road. J.N. - MI

Hey Jeff, got the gear today. Thanks for your work finding this. D.F. - MI

I can't express your good service enough,will push it to club members. W.J. - Canada

Brilliant! You guys are really on the ball. Great to deal with. T.D. - New Zealand

You are absolutely marvelous. Thank you.Your making this restoration even more fun. (I mean it) E.K. - Australia

I appreciate your fast response. It’s almost like you were waiting for my original e-mail. I’ll look into buying the new one from you guys. You have been a great help. Splendid response!!! Quite unusual these days. S.S.

Thanks and have a great evening. Your customer service is excellent in every way. My next purchase in my rebuilding will be to replace the entire dashboard on the MGB. J.B. - NC

Hello again Jeff, You're exactly correct! I'd been pursuing this part from a number of different angles, and had forgotten providing payment details when originally placing my order. In the meantime, the first gear assembly arrived very quickly and safely, and has already been installed! Great thanks to you, once again, for all of your very kind efforts on my behalf! I'd honestly thought that much of the driving season had been lost. Instead, I now look forward to resuming next week. And so, great thanks for making this possible! R.G. - PA

The parcel arrived today, thanks. I really appreciate how you went to the trouble of repackaging the part so it got here undamaged and would also fit in a Fedex envelope to keep shipping costs reasonable. That kind of customerservice is why I will always buy my parts from you and will tell everyone else with a British car to do the same. G.C. - CanadaThank You

I just wanted to write to THANK YOU for all the great MG goodies I've received from you. We love it all and I'll be ordering often. Your personalized service - and the special treats in the box (which we enjoyed on our picnic, when we also used our new 8-legged spyder to hold our picnic basket onto the luggage rack!) - that was a special nice goodie, too. M.J. - VA

I received my MGB floor pans this evening. After waiting 6 weeks after ordering with another vendor with zero response on my emails and telephone calls inquiring to the status of my order other than an email finally telling me that they could not full-fill their commitment, it was a pleasure dealing with your company and receiving my order within 14 days. You will be recommended to fellow MGB restorers when I post on the forums. P.Q. - AL

The purpose of this e-mail is to thank you for the personal service and advice you gave me on a top for my MG. I had received 2 different tops from another company for my 52 TD and neither one fit. (I took the car to two brothers here in Atlanta that have been in the business for over 50 years; therefore, I know it was not me.) I called you on the recommendation of Hermann Schaller. Based on your advice, the top you sent me fits. I just got the car back today. You will have my future business. I look forward to meeting you and your wife at a car enthusiasts' gathering in the future. H.F. - GA

What fantastic service. Ordered Mon PM and got the stuff Thur noon. Thanks for you speedy attention as I am trying to get the windows on my B done for a trip next weekend to Wadsworth OH. R.B. - MI

I've been helping my next door neighbor get his '52 TD on the road three years after he bought it.He followed us in our TC last night to an event our club holds the first Tues. of every warm month. It was his car's first outing in his possession. His wife remarked on the brightness of our tail/stop lights and also of our California style arrow directionals. My tail/stops are LEDs from Terry Saunders in Calif. But the bright halogens in my arrow directionals and in the fender/wing lights are from you. P.M. - VA

I have to say, your customer service is second to none! I don't know any other companies where I can send an email on Saturday, holiday weekend and great a response withing minutes. Thanks again! B.C. - PA

Thanks for the extra effort to get this to me quickly. I received Thursday, a couple days before I expected. I appreciate it! J.N. - MI

The Superior top arrived and is ready to be installed. Thank you so much for working your magic so we are (hopefully) comfortable as we run the Rallye to Reno. W.M. - VA

My items arrived today, and as in the past, great service and prices!!! Thank you!!!I only wish I had found you earlier on the internet, because I just (today) completed a major engine and transmission overhaul on my '74 TR6, and could've saved a bundle in not only cost, but also being shipped the wrong parts which added to what ultimately took close to 6 months to complete.I already mentioned you to my mechanic, but will definitely do it again. O.K. - HI

Jeff, thank you for a great web site, and helping us maintain our cars at favorable cost. You've earned our business as sole supplier from now on. D.C. - NH

I am completely in awe of your customer service. If you have my parts you have my business. I will tell everyone I know. R.B. - CA

I wanted to write you a quick thank you note for all your help and parts LBCC has supplied for my 1976 MG B restoration project. My car is featured in the Hemmings Motor News – April 2011 issue under the “Under Restoration” feature article. Also mentioned in the article is that LBCC is one of my main suppliers for parts for my restoration. I hope people who read the article also get a chance to purchase from your excellent company. Without dedicated suppliers like you, the hobby would not continue to grow. Thanks again and hopefully sometime I will be able to show you the results of my long time restoration in the future. J.L. - OH

Last year you worked with me on a convertible top for my 62 MGA -- light tan with a zip out window. I put it on myself. I just wanted you to know that it worked out great, its an excellent top and love the zip out window. C.A. - VA

My order came today, everything was as promised.Thanks, you're going to be my go-to-guy for LBC stuff from now on. G.C. - MT

You're great to do business with...little problems are expected but you handle them quickly. J.D. - IL

Electric parts arrived in good shape & quality good.Thanks for the efficient service. P.P. - Canada

Thank you. Great service! R.Y. - WA

You are an absolute champion and a true pleasure to deal with. Many thanks again and I am sorry to have taken your time up on a Sunday. With a bit of luck I might be do the install this week. Thanks Jeff. L.G. - Australia

Jeff...received sills on Saturday the 22rd. They are great.I am a happy customer!!! PS...your web site is great and thanks for the treat in box. L.H. - MD

Received shipment - in time - and all in good order - have already eaten the cookie. Thanks for your efforts. Another happy customer. T.W. - Canada

I received my shipment yesterday, and just wanted to say thank you for the prompt delivery and service. Have a great year. C.G. - WA

Thanks for your help and very prompt reply. I appreciate the great service you give me. B - Australia

I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent customer service. I ordered a jaguar baseball cap for my dad for Christmas, which he loves almost as much as his car. The hat arrived on time, and I received several email updates regarding shipping & delivery. Even though my purchase was small, you gave it very personal attention. Thanks & happy holidays! M.A. - NY

Received the goods 23/12 "amazing" 1 week from placing the order. Thanks for your efforts. All the best for xmas & new year. B.H. - Australia

I got the parts yesterday. Thanks again for your prompt and efficient service as usual. Merry Christmas to you and family and hope the new year brings you all that you wish for. A.A. - West Indies

The patches I ordered, arrived today and they look great! Super service! Thanks again and have a terrific holiday season and all the best for 2011! O.K. - HI

Just wanted to let you know I received all the items yesterday and was I was very pleased.Thank you for your excellent service and warm wishes to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season and a happy new year. J.L. - California

Well that's amazing, we received the parcel this morning 8.30. Thank you so much for your speedy service. Our friend will be delighted when he opens it up on his 60th birthday next Tuesday. V.T. - United Kingdom

Your service is 1st class and communication is excellent, hard to believe you are miles and miles away from us. VT - United Kingdom

Your extra effort is much appreciate more than words could describe. B.L. - DE

You've absolutely made a believer out of me. You're less expensive, more responsive, and quicker to deliver than that other outfit that has a name like the stuff that grows on trees. G.F. - FL

I'm impressed that you have taken the time to check this with me. R.O. - Australia

Jeff: Thanks. Always appreciate your great service.B.T. - NY

For the record, I wish to congratulate you and your company for the swiftness and alacrity of your responses to e-mail. I have in the past found ONLY the telephone to be just as efficient. Great service. In communicating with you I feel like I'm a recently adopted family member. But hold the tears until I see the order delivered:) Thanks again. C.J. - FL

I received my order one day after shipment...can't beat that! D.B. - OH

Thanks, LB. Got the stuff in good time. . . Great! And now, I have another source for MBG and Mini stuff. Glad I found you! T.L. - California

Hi there Jeff, Just a quick note to advise that the Ignitor and "Other Bits" arrived today. All got here in excellent order. Your service is still absolutely outstanding. I've bought quite a few things from you over the last 10 years or more and never once has an item ever gone astray or been slow in arriving. Many thanks for the continued great service. R.B. - Tasmania, Australia

You must have an in with the post office, the order arrived today, only 8 days to Canada, amazing. Also looked in the box and saw this strange plaid item in there, short breads, they were very tasty, thank you very much for them and the great service. B.M. - NS

Thanks again. I could not do my restoration without my parts and help from LBC Co. J.L. - OH

I just wanted to say thanks for all your help and service. We recieved the muffler Tuesday, for the price and delivery time it was more than expected. You have our future business and highest recommendations. If there is anything I can do for you in the way of good posting positive reviews online and such, please feel free to ask. Again thanks for the great service. J.T. - MI

Jeff - You are terrific - a great business man who tends to business even on the road! Of course, you are probably on the road working :) P.F. - G.A.

My name is Jerry Coale, owner of Holly Automotive Supply in Holly Mi. The other day a customer came in with a set of Midget brake drums to be re machined ( very hard to do ) and also needed shoes. I could not get them from my CARQUEST warehouse or WORLDPAC ( owned by CARQUEST if you did not know ) in a timely manor. I suggested ( as I have many times ) to touch base with LBC, which he did and as you have always helped me with parts for my "B" you filled his needs also. He was so impressed with you that he stopped by my store to relate to me that I had sent him to the right place. In my book, making a sale is second to helping the customer with his problem and my gut tells me you do like-wise - - thank for helping him. J.C. - MI

The distributor turned up yesterday, great service! Havent fitted it yet but am sure it will be cool!!Cheers, Tony. - New Zealand

Thanks Jeff, I have bought all of my parts for my MGA from LBCC and the service has been great. I know that back orders are a pain and you can't ship what you don't have:-) and I appreciate the follow up emails that you have provided. D.J. - P.A.

Hi Jeff; I want to say thanks for the trouble you've gone to looking for the BPFS pigtail harness. M.S. - MI

Hi Jeff! The Tooter-Fluter arrived by Fed-Ex today. Thanks for excellent service! H.M. - N.C.

You guys are legends, that's why I recommend you to friends here in Oz! M.K. - Australia

Thanks a lot! I'm impressed with your fast service response! N.M. - NY

I recevied my order and I'm very happy with your service and you can expect more orders from me. N.B. - OH

Great doing business with you folks. I'm pleased my friend Mark Macy sent me your way. Plus...everytime a package arrives from you my wife celebrates as she really likes the "surprise" cookies you put in the box. R.H. - NY

Parts received this morning, thank you for the prompt processing and delivery. The brake light kit was nicer than expected. I plan to suggest/recommend it to the other Hosier eh's and the Morgan club. The shortbread cookies is a very nice touch. R.F. - FL

Thank you so much, you are awesome! C.K. - NM

Enjoyed your publication. Also my recent purchase saved me about $30.. I shall continue to do business with your company. K.F. - Canada

Heck, i already like you and i just placed the first order! P.C. - WA

And once again, awesome! Thanks. M.W. - MI

Thanks for the prompt reply! A lot of businesses don't, yet say that they will on theirwebsites. Nice to do business with people who follow through! G.B. - Canada

I would like to thank your dedication in getting the parts. I will soon ask for some MG TD parts to be sent to Brazil, this time with no problems with delivery! Thank you for your great customer service! F.C. - Brazil

Thanks! Now that was a quick response! S.B. - CT

The order came today and I am just thrilled! All the parts are of superior quality. Thank you soooo much!! I'll be getting all my parts from your company from now on, you run a first-class enterprise. Thanks for the shortbread, nice touch. D.B. - MI

Just a big thank you for the perfect fitting overriders for my 1937 Classic Roadsters Jaguar. B.B. - Canada

Thanks for that tip. You guys are awesome! M.W. - MI

Thanks Jeff, Recieved the muffler today, great service. J.M. - NJ

Thank you for your prompt response, I have never seen another company respond so quickly. Will be doing more business with you. B.R. - MA

Believe it or not - this order actually arrived on Friday. Thanks for getting it packaged up and shipped out right away! B.G. - IL

You guys are great! B.W. - MO

Thanks again. You guys are the best. T.H. - AZ

Thanks again for your great service. T.W. - ON

Thanks Jeff. Order arrived last week in record time. Very good follow-thru. Appreciate your attention to time and detail. K.L. - ON

I was surprised and delighted to receive my door panels this morning. They are now on my car and ready for tomorrow's Williamsburg British Car show. Thank you so much for getting them to me so quickly. They look beautiful. I really appreciate the extra effort you made getting them to me in time for the show. It is a pleasure to do business with you. R.G. - VA

I appreciate it. Seems I've been changing orders quite a bit lately Sorry. But the good service brings me back to LBC. T.B. - OH

Please thank Annette for attending to it. This certainly has been very fast shipping, a third way around the world, and would suggest that Fedex be used in the future. Thanks again for the great, personal service. P.F. - NZ

Thank you and regular mail will work just fine on such a small package. Oh, thanks for having a low price on this item! E.Q. - CA

Thanks for the notice, but i'm not a new customer. It has been a while since i ordered anything. I do like your service and prices, they always seem to be the best. R.H. - PA

I would like to Thank You for the quick shipping of my order. I didnt think I would be able to work on the front suspension of my tr250 today because I needed the ball joints and washers. To my suprise the FedEx truck showed up with my order. Plenty to do now. Im a happy new customer. Thanks Again. C.F. - IL

Thanks, Jeff. Always appreciate your great service! B.T. - NH

Just got it. Thanks, awesome service. W.I. - NY

For the record....You have the best customer service that I have EVER had the pleasure of dealing with. I am astonished!!! Thanks again. M.B. - MA

Jeff, the radiator showed up today! I just ordered it yesterday! What incredible service. Thanks! B.M. - OH

Tonight I finally tried the Clik-Adjust I got from you months ago. Oh boy is that thing slick! Great item - thanks! M.J. - CA

Thanks for the prompt delivery. D.H. - CA

The wires arrived today and they look GREAT!Thanks for the fast service, and I'm sure I'll be shopping with you again. I'm going to send Jim Hassall a thank-you message for recommending you. Nobody else had the "right" wires for this car. S.B. - CA

Just a line to say how pleased I am with the string back driving gloves and your excellent service, sorry it was such a small order, but hope to do business with you again. J.B.

I'm overwhelmed by your quick responses to my search. I owe you a beer for your efforts on my behalf. D.B. - Australia

Thanks for the speedy service. I'm really happy to have found you. S.F. - Australia

Thanks for the great service. P.S. - TX

Thanks for the great blanket - the Walker's Shortbread is great, too. P.D. - CA

My mom ordered an armrest for my Midget, and you guys called her from GB to clarify which one, that was fantastic! Great customer service! B.S. - CA

Just got back from Florida tonight and the TT steering wheel was here waiting for me! Thanks for the service, I am absolutely delighted! The wheel is perfect and the quality if very nice, I'm sure I'll be happy with the choice. Thanks again for the help and great service! W.G. - GA

We received the package today. Very, very happy with the goods and very, very impressed with the service and speed of the shipment. Thanks so much. D.P.

This shipment has arrived. Great Service, thank you. R.M. - Australia

Thanks Jeff, I have always enjoyed doing business with your company, not only are the prices great, your service is excellent !! Looking forwardto recieving the parts ordered, as I always do even though its been a while since I have contacted you. R.D. - CA

Thank you for your prompt attention to the missing parts. Thank you, also for another package of short-bread cookies! My wife and I again, split the package! It's been a pleasure doing business with you. I look forward to doing more, in the future. C.C. - MA

I've ordered a couple times before from LBCC (e.g., bought a muffler). I like the site (and the prices). And, now I'm finding that the service is outstanding as well. I shall also pass on my experience to fellow members of SCTOA (the SoCal Triumph club). W.S. - CA

The parts arrived on Friday, boy that was fast, they must have hit all the connections on time. Thanks again for the fast service. B.M. - Canada

Wow, great service. Thanks. T.W. - CA

Great service - you're the best! L.P. - AZ

Man you are too fast, eh! B.M. - Canada

Thanks for the quick reply, appreciate your lower prices. B.M. - Canada

Thanks for the good service and quick responce! J.B. - NE

Now that’s what I call service. If ever you need a recommendation please use my name. B.A. - GA

This order has arrived safe and sound thanks again for your prompt reliable service. R.M. - Australia

Thanks you guys are great. J.P. - FL

I recieved the replacement panels yesterday .They are perfect. Thanks for your professionalism in handling the matter. Greatly appreciated. M.H. - IL

I got my part, thanks. USPS is a good service, i hope you use more of it. B.W. - OR

The door skins came Friday and all looks good. Thanks for the good deal and prompt service. B.G. - NE

This order arrived safe and sound on Thursday the 15th. Thanking you for your excellent service. R.M. - Australia

Got the felt seal yesterday morning, thanks. It arrived quicker than I expected. Superb service! N.M. - England

Just a quick note to say thank you for the quick dispatch. You have just won another customer. I will be placing orders with you in the near future. B.H. - PA

Thanks, Jeff, your customer service is uncommon! T.M. - WA

I just wanted to extend my thanks for again providing outstanding service at very reasonable prices.I received my order today after only placing it on Sat, so it could not have got into your order system before Mon., I believe. Your suggestion of USPS saved me shipping expense, and got the parts to me faster than I would have thought .My daughter and I will now be able to make our club picnic in our TR6. T.N. - PA

AWESOME! Rings and bearings arrived in today's mail. Thanks for the quick response. I may have this motor running by the end of the week. P.N. - SC

Priority Mail is a great way to ship. Generally faster than UPS Ground. You shipped my last order Tuesday and it was here Thursday all the way to California. L.H. - CA(Editor- We always try to ship smaller items priority mail as it is less costly and faster, especially to the coast. We also have this as well as other shipping options in our shipping menu. - Thanks for the note.)

You guys have been very helpful, I will place the order tonight. Thank you so much for working with me. I'm sure the shipping will be just fine. $60 is a lot less than the 200 dollars I was quoted elsewhere to ship to Hawaii. I will be doing much more business with your company. B.C. - HI.

The merchandise we ordered Monday, and the cookies :), arrived today. The fast service is great, as are the prices! C.M. - NC

Thank you, Jeff, for your prompt, courteous reply to this order. It is always welcomed to know that your business is appreciated ! I look forward to more purchases from you as the need arises. B.O. - SC

Jeff--the items arrived yesterday (very fast delivery)--thank you!~!! H.D. - CA

Thanks for keeping your prices low. With those other guys, I would have spent almost $500.00. THANK YOU!!!. I will buy all my parts from LBCarCo. D.M. - PA.

Thanks Jeff, like the way you do business, regards G.L. - NE.

Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate you looking into that for me. Your customer service is the BEST! Thanks again. F.H. - FL.

I wanted to leave some feedback about my shopping experience at Little British Car Company. I was reluctant to order at first. I prefer to deal directly over the phone as I usually have more than one question ( I'm still a little unfamiliar with my Little British Car). I was concerned that there might be too much lag time between E-mail communications. The whole process was quick and painless. My questions were answered very quickly and the shipping was extremely fast. I ordered around 3:15 p.m. and the package was delivered before noon the next day. I'm looking forward to doing business with The Little British Car Co. in the furure. Thanks G.D. - IN.

All parts arrived today in good order. Thank you. This was my very first order for my frame-off restoration, the first of many I am sure. I look forward to doing business again. D.B.- MD.

Thanks for the great Service!! M.H. - MI

Just rec'd my box of goodies. I'm confused? Two orders, a week apart with multiple changes and exchanges - all together in one box and rec'd within one week. How'd you do that? Your amazing-- Your attention to detail and customer service are beyond superb. LBCarCo is the greatest!!! Why go anywhere else. W.P. - CA

Received my parts order along with a very nice surprise. Cookies! Of course being the wise husband I am I immediately put them by my wife's place setting at the table....That way when packages arrive from LBC she will smile and thinkkind thougts of both of us. R.H. - NY

I received my new Moto-Lita steering wheel today as scheduled by UPS. I am very happy with the steering wheel and especially the Boss Kit from my previous order. I almost forgot to look in the box for the cookies and sure enough they were there. Again, nice touch. Thank you. G.T. - MN

Annette, you are my new favourite, My order arrived in Port Huron by noon (1/2 day delivery and on a Holiday weekend)and I had picked it up by 2pm every thing was there including the cookies (gone now). R.J. - Ontario, Canada

Got it! And I have it installed already! Thank you for the excellent service. S.M. - OH

I received my order today and I am very happy with the product and the Personal Touch with the cookies from Scotland. Nice touch. Keep up the good work and I will be ordering again soon. Thanks! G.T. - MN

I wanted to compliment you on the handling of my recent order. Everything went extremely well and appreciated the fast shipping. P.D. - CT.

Thank your for your quick response.. The parts were delevered after 7PM tonight. I will always recommend LBCarCo for parts for English cars. I am very close to having everything I need, but it is good to know that I have a place to get parts at a good price & quick shipping. D.B. - Washington

Thank you for your help and excellent service as it was greatly appreciated. J.F. - Australia

Received my medallions today. They are perfect and your service is also perfect as ever. A.J. - UK

Thank you for your speedy reply. Appreciate your checking on the relay and replacing the non-working unit. Outstanding customer service. B.T. - New Hampshire

Thanks for great parts, service and price. Makes life so much easier. R.M. - Utah

You guys were very great to deal with by both email and telephone, all of the bumpers & parts came in perfect condition and quicker than expected. D.H. - Canada

Hello Jeff. Received My Order today,what fast service!!! Just like last time, Great parts, great prices, fast shipping!!!!!!!!! Thanks! R.E. - Michigan

The delivery time on this item was exceptionally fast and I am very pleased. I received my Union Jack Emblems today and they are exactly what I wanted and I am very happy. They are going to look great on my AH Sprite when the restore is fully completed. Thanks very much for a great product and speedy delivery. J.D. - Washington

Recieved, thank you very much for the quick service!! R.M. - Washington

Jeff, Your help has been unmatched by any other company I have dealt with. Let me know how you make out and if it was shipped so I can have someone pick it up for me. Once again, thanks. T.S. - Canada

Great Service. Thanks for the Walkers Shortbread. Delicious. A.W. - Virginia

Thanks for great service! My parts arrived yesterday, I installed them lastnight and I am back on the road again. Keep the shortbread coming! K.H. - Ohio

THANK YOU for the personal service! G.C. - California

Thank you for a perfect transaction. The package arrived well, installed well, and I appreciated the little tasty treat that you through in before the box was sealed. Good work! P.S. - Iowa

Received my order today, complete and intact. Thanks for the prompt service! G.H. - Tennessee

Order delivered today .. Same excellent service.S.K. - Florida

Thanks Jeff, Great job. You have a life customer here. R.D. - California

Let me take this opportunity to personally thank you for your excellent service. You will be seeing future orders from me. T.S. - Hawaii

Got both packages. Thanks great price, wonderful service! Cheers Jeff! J.M. - California

Got my windshield and brake shoes today. Thanks for the prompt service!!! G.H. - Tennessee

Received the above order today. Great service. Many thanks. P.T. - Canada

Received all parts ordered in 2 days. Great work. J.R. - Alabama

Thanks, Great service. V.M. - Belgium

Got the book today!!! Thanks! GREAT service! B.Y. - Tennessee

Jeff! You are my hero!! Thanks for grabbing that one for me. I am looking forward to doing more business with you and your company. Your site is now saved on my Favorites! Great service and response! Thanks again. B.Y. - Tennessee

Thanks for your efforts with this problem that I have. I have spoken with a friend who has a couple of SV needles and we are going to experiement with those to see what happens.It is great to see someone like you take an interest in customers problems as many people will not. T.R. - Australia

As I have said in the past, You will be the first I come to for parts for my MGA Roadster, or any other LBC that I will be lucky enough to own. Have a very Happy New Year, and will look forward to hearing from on your Web Site, I always look forward to your messages. R.F. - Indiana

Thank you, Jeff. It's always a pleasure doing business with you. Happy New Year! W.B. - California

Great news! Thanks much fo the top notch service. R.M. - Idaho

Thanks, Jeff. Your customer service is #1! I placed the order a few moments ago. R.M. - Indiana

Jeff, I really appreciate your company and the great savings on parts. K.M. - West Virginia

Wow. You guys are the best. I will be buying a lot more stuff in the near future. Thanks so much. M.O. - New Jersey

Thank you Jeff. I alerted the machine shop, and they plan to work on it 'till it is done. They are very supportive, even though they are very busy themselves. I really appreciate your efforts on my behalf, but you always come through for me. Your staff need a pat on the back, too, because it wouldn't happen if you didn't all pitch in, and I really do realise this, and value it. E.F. - Texas

Got the order today, fast shipping. Wife loves the rug and picnic basket. Will use you more in the future. Thanks! J.D. - Pennsylvania

It is my pleasure to deal with you guys. I didn't know you guys existed. I am happy to know there is an alternative. Thanks to you from the U.P. of Michigan. K.P. - Michigan

Just wanted to tell you how happy I am about dealing with your company. Ordered a new distributor Wednesday night and received this afternoon. I installed quickly and my Midget has never run so good. Your prices are fantastic and shipping very quick and reasonable. I hope to do more business with you as I restore my car. Thanks again. T.F. - Ohio

Jeff, wow! Quick response!! T.P. - Illinois


Thanks Jeff. Wow, you're up late! I just got back from Zurich...jet at least I have an excuse! This is great service!!! You guysare the best. Thanks! P.P. - Washington

Your fast turn around is GREATLY appreciated. S.W. - Kentucky

I love your products line. Lots of cool stuff for the Mg fan! You have great customer service.Thank you. P.C. - Missouri

Received my order yesterday.Thanks for a very prompt and efficient service. M.S. - Wisconsin

Thanks for you help. In the future your company will be my first source for MGB parts. I recently just heard of your company from an advert in Classic MG magazine. J.B. - Georgia

That's a very good idea, I know I have had my Windwings for the MGA Roadster for several years, and you have to be very careful with the hardware. Again, Thank You for your assistance and whenever I need any parts I will come to you folks. R.F. - Indiana

You know, of all the automotive retailers that I have dealt with in the past, you are certainly among the most professional. Large enough to provide the parts on demand, but small enough to care about service and reputation. It's a refreshing change from a good number of your competitors. I'd say if someone wanted to see a good business plan/model in action, they should look no further than LBCar. Co. I've recommended you to others. Keep up the good work. You obviously love what you do. D.B. - Canada

I've always enjoyed the service I've gotten from you. Keep up the good friendly service. J.C. - Michigan

Jeff, Thank you for your attention to my orders. I really appreciate the service LBCarCo always renders. I purchased a Slip Ring Horn MGB, part #263-755 shipped to me on your invoice #46987 dated 6/13/08. I found that I don’t need it and I’d like to return it. The part is in the original packaging. Thank you again, Jeff. D.R. - Illinois

Just a quick note to say that the steering rack assembly that you got for me from V.B. was an excellent replacement. I pulled the old one out tonight and installed the new one in about 1 1/2 hrs. I would recommend this for any Midget in need of a new rack. V5-1248. Thanks again. J.M. - North Carolina

Just received the clutch slave cylinder that I ordered on Friday. Just can't ask for faster service!! Thanks!! J.M. - Illinois

Order was delivered today in total .. another terrific service from LBCarCo!! Thanks! S.K. - Florida

Many thanks for your good service. D.E. - Virginia

My new grill arrived in Norway today in good condition, packed very good. Thanks a lot! A.C. - Norway

Thanks for the great service! I received the tubes today, and thanks for the Walker’s shortbread treat! B.L. - Texas

Wow. I appreciate your quick response. Very impressive. K.O. - Virginia

I got the parts few days ago. Everything is excellent, thank you very much. I am really appreciative of your superb support. Thanks again. A.C. - Thailand

Thanks much!!! Your service is fantastic!!!!! M.S. - Michigan

I want to thank you for your prompt shipping and excellent prices. I will be ordering more parts as required. Before I forget - the Walkers Cookies are always a treat. T.S. - Maryland

You deserve a medal! That's why I always shop with you! Thanks again. J.B. - Japan

Thank You..You were the only person who would respond to my question. I must say: You and your website are totally organized! J.V. - Virginia

Thanks for your superb service and prompt replies to enquiries. This is the second time I've purchased goods from you and it certainly won't be the last. G.M. - Australia


I just placed the order 5 minutes ago! Thanks again...I must say,I have been very impressed with your company over the past year or so I have been using your services. D.B. -

Thank you very much for the great service. Really appreciate your help. Good job! Thank you again. G.C. - Pensylvania

How could you reply to my e-mail so quick? That's service. Thanks again. B.W. - Arizona

My order arrived in the mail today. I was very impressed and pleased with your service (speedy delivery, good communication, excellent packaging, well presented product). B.A. - Maryland

Thanks for the various services you provide. D.T. - Michigan

I have recieved all of my items. I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all of your help and understanding. Please have a happy holiday. R.T. - New Jersey

Thank you very much. By the way, I really enjoy your emails about all your exploits. Nice Touch. M.B. - North Carolina

Just a note to thank you for supplying the upholstery kit. It arrived at our door by Fedex van at lunch time today.I am pleased with the quality of the kit and astounded by the efficiency with which it reached me - 5 days in total and the tracking facility made it easy to follow its progress. Thanks again for your help. J.R. - Australia

Gaskets came yesterday, #1S got his new old diff in and tested and it works. Thanks for excellent service. M.M. - North Carolina

Just to let you know that the package arrived today and that I'm delighted with both the product and - most of all - the 110% service you provided. Keep up the good work! All of the best.K.C. - New Zealand

Just a note to thank you. My order arrived today, Sat afternoon, via FedEx. It included the last emergency item I ordered late. Big thank you for coming through AGAIN! D.J. - North Carolina

My order arrived to day. All those little "O" rings, thanks for labelling them, that should help me get them into the right spot. Thanks again. R.S. - Canada

I've ordered a couple of things over the last few weeks and am very impressed with your service. I get my parts much quicker from you than anyone else I've used. Don't mean to ramble, but I feel if your going to complain when service is bad, you should praise good service. Thanks. B.B. - Tennessee

Ahhh, perhaps that's it. No matter, I appreciate the information and the great communications. D.B. - Texas

I got it yesterday afternoon. Thanks very much, didn't expect it until Friday or Saturday. Very good service. Looks like you've earned a new customer. I have 2 MG's a 77 roadster, and a 70 GT, I order lots of stuff. B.B - Tennessee

Let me please express my sincere thanks for your common business! I picked up my parts yesterday short after lunch time – exactly at the place you described very well – and must really tell you that all went very well. Your folks in the basement were very nice to me and knew exactly what to do (please let them know!) As I would communicate in ebay: highly recommended (and I’ll let my friends in Germany know for sure!)Doing business with you was definitely fair, easy and a pleasure so. M.H.

I received the parcel yesterday afternoon.....You folks are good to deal with! Thanks Again. M.S.

Like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance. You recieved 90% of part orders.I'm sure I will still be placing several orders as I continue to piece the vehicle back together. T.K. - Indiana

Just received my first order from you and I am impressed!! Great prices and the shortbread cookies were the personal touch that sold me to do business with you in the future. T.N. - GA

Received my steering wheel and it's perfect!!Merry X-MAS!! H.H. - Wisconsin

Parts arrived today, all in good order. Thanks again for your help and excellent communication. Victor - Australia

Thank you so much for your quick response. I very much enjoy your site and the items you offer. Please advise me whether I made the correct shipping choice, as I do need to receive the items by next Saturday, December 22nd. Thank you.C.B. - Alabama

You're not kidding "prompt response"!! Thanks so much for the quick reply. It's already been a pleasure doing business with you and i can't wait to see my basket-i think it'll be the perfect unexpected gift. So glad I found you guys!!Thanks again! N.M. - Virginia

Thanks so very much. This is EXACTLY what I want and have indeed just ordered it. Keep up the great work and thank you for being so customer service oriented. I wish other people would be the same. I hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday season. L.A. - California

I thought I would touch base for the end of the season, Yes it finally got here and the poor Green B was put in storage for the winter.I wanted to thank you for the help and service this year, everything arrived as expected and on time and the pricing and quality was #1. Thanks Jeff, LBCar is at the top of my list,see you in the new year. R.J. - Michigan

Wow - what fantastic service you give, only ordered the goods on 8th November and got them this afternoon, they are fabby. Thanks for all your help with my order. Best Wishes. A.M. - UK

Your company is the best. I really appreciate the service. P.W. - Alabama

Great write up on MG 2008. Just one correction. The awards banquet is Saturday night not Friday night. Thanks for all you do for the LBC. J.S. - Alabama

I attended a huge car show this past Sun., over 700 cars!A large LBC section.Saw some of your products on other TR's and was impressed (especially the hood liner with decal). Had to have one so I checked you guys out and ordered one along with some other neat stuff. Placed the order on Mon and everything arrived on Wed! What great service and I'm pleased with everything I bought. I'll be shopping with LBC Co. again soon. F.H. - New York

Thank you for the support and superior service. R.P. - New Jersey

I received the above order yesterday and everything was complete. Thank you. You and the LBCC Team seem to go that little bit further for your customers. Once again, thank you. R.H. - North Carolina

Thanks for the update. i enjoy doing business with LBCar Co., and would do a lot more if I had more dough! T.N. - Pennsylvania

This is the first order I've ever placed with LBC Co. It's also the first Internet order I've ever had such a nice follow-up email on. Thanks for your note. E.M. - Iowa

I'm glad you wrote. Yeah, I had to sell the car. Broke my heart.I appreciated the business in the past! I will always remember your site as the bestone out there and it got better as time went on...AND hope to have another MGB in the next year or two and will come back!! :) J.H. - California

Wow, great service. I will absolutely do more business with you. Thank you! D.M. - Georgia

Thank you for your prompt help in getting the right part, you are a great asset to me and the MG. D.H. - Florida

My package arrived safe and sound. I am enjoying the Triumph book very much. Thank you foryour quality service. D.R. - Pennsylvania

Jeff, I was notified by my mail box that your shipment came in today, that's damn good service , I appreciate the personal touch .You'll be hearing from me more often. I owe you one. R.J. - Michigan

Thanks Jeff. You got me just what I needed.When I called Moss they would not acknowledge the part existed. I don't know how you did it, but I know I can drive warm this winter. Thanks, you've got a new customer. J.M. - Alabama

I'm finally taking a couple of minutes to write this note of thanks to you for your recent excellent customer service. My wife and I were recently on a trip into the New Hamsphire mountains (something I'd always dreamed about doing in my MGB), when I suddenly had a fuel pump failure. Even though it was late in the afternoon, you were still willing and able to "overnight" the replacement pump out to the hotel in North Conway, NH.(I will be ordering another one of these babies as a spare). The unit arrived the next day, was installled in the parking lot, and we were on the road again.LBCCo comes through in a pinch, and here I am saying this again.... your customer service is the main reason you will continue to get allof my business, as well as any ongoing referals that I can continue to make. Thanks again for helping us get back on the road, and helping us get back to one of the best adventures of my life. D.C. - Massachusetts

Thanks for, again, the excellent service.I would like to shake your hand sometime. Would you be at the rocks? You should try Rothsville someday...Thanks. L.H. - Pennsylvania

Thanks Jeff! Keep up the good work! B.M. - West Virginia

Nice Website, by far the easiest to order from! B.S. - Idaho

Thanks Jeff as always your customer service is unbeatable. E.D. - Arizona

I want to express my thanks not only for getting me the right part, but also for being good people to work with. I tried ordering a brake pressure fail switch from 3 other vendors, and got 3 different switches! None of which actually worked. A co-worker of mine told me about you guys, and I can't express how delighted I am that she did. You not only got the part right, but added great customer service to boot! Bottom Line: Thank you for your excellent customer service. It seems you may be one of the few businesses left that actually pursue professional, curteous service and then add a personal touch. I can assure you that you have made a loyal one transaction! M.M. - Tennessee

Received order. Thanks for such great service. I accidently ordered 2 pcs #460-420 crank sprocket instead of one. Can I return extra for credit to my account? I am sure to be ordering more before long. Thanks. J.R. - Illinois

Got the parts yesterday. I really appreciate the quick service! I'm leaving a little "plug" for you on the MGA section of the MG Enthusiast's BBS. Sure is good to have people like you to deal with. J.M. - Illinois

Thank you very much for the personal attention. As you can tell, I have had added to our system as an approved address. I did get your confirmation email after adding you to our approved senders list. You mentioned another address to add with "news" in the address. Thank you for the call. I appreciate what your business model in trying to keep costs low and not take advantage of people with shipping and handling charges. K.H. - Wisconsin

Thanks for the good prices, even below Moss sale prices. T.L. - Florida

Thank you so much Jeff. The jacket arrived just in time for Frank's birthday and he loved it!! I'm amazed that you remembered I had wanted that jacket. K.H. - Virginia

Jeff if nothing else you have got to be the most prompt email return person I've ever met, thanks. M.K. - Iowa

Thanks, got everything. That was whole lot faster (and cheaper) than Moss or VB! I will use you exclusively from now on. B.M. - Illinois

Thanks for the quick and great service. I got everything and will be back! T.S. - Arizona

I wanted to let you know that my first experience with your shop has been a good one. D.F. - Michigan

Totally brilliant service, Shipped by on Monday received here in a remote part of France 1545 (french time)Thursday, Thanks. N.R. - France

Thanks for your item (arm rest for an MGB). It's a pleasure to deal with you. M.D. - Italy

Your great service is sure fast! I'll be ordering the right part right away and put the RA number in the notes for a hold. I should be able to get the part shipped back via UPS tomorrow. P.R. - California

Ordered the ingnitor on Tuesday and got it on Wednesday. That's good service. J.Z. - Michigan

Jeff, Thanks for the fast response as always. H.B. - Indiana

I just installed the windscreen I ordered from your site and I am compelled to say it is everything you said it would be! I couldn't be more pleased with the product if it was 24k gold plated! It was very easy to install and is solid and rattle free. Thanks again and keep up the good work! M.P. - Iowa

Thanks Jeff, you are on top of it. I love ordering from you, your stuff gets here so quick and you are always accomodating. I am eagerly awaiting my package. S.M. - Michigan

Just recieved the package. Thanks for quick service. Items are just as described on your web site and all I can say is WOW! All the little details realy help at the shows. Thanks. A VERY SATISFIED customer. R.W. - Ohio

I received the order confirmation. Your "Personal Touch" and speedy replys are a main factor in giving you my repeat business. You do a great job! Thanks. C.B. - Missouri

You have got to have the best Blackberry response in the business. I try to order from you when you have what I need, much appreciate your business and news letter. I always read it. Hope to meet you and your wife someday. I am in the Washington DC area and will keep any eye out for you. My best to you and your family. C.N. - Virginia

You are awesome! Thank you!!! T.N. - Colorado

Thanks for the fast order. This was my first time ordering from you after several friends said you are the only place to buy parts for my MG's (3 of them). I don't know how I have overlooked you for so long but glad I found you now. Looking forward to doing much more business with you. R.B. - Illinois

Shipment received and in good shape. Pleasure dealing with you guys. Thanks. L.B. - Canada

Thank you very much for the continued superb service. In order to keep peace I give my wife the cookies. L.H. - Pennsylvania

I've said it before, and no doubt I'll say it again. I appreciate all your efforts. I may not buy a whole lot from you (just means the car isn't broken), but you always have good prices, timely shipping, and the support you and your people offer is second to none. We used to be in the business, but have retired now, and only do an occasional bit of work for occasional old customers. We do, however, continue in vintage (rather like us) racing, and you are always of great help. Thanks Again. E.J. - Texas

Thanks for the quick and informative response. I'm sorry I missed meeting you at the BMC-NOLA event this past weekend. I am constantly impressed by the service and attentiveness you and the LBCC provide. D.C. - Florida

Jeff – the pressure line order got here today, and I’ve already installed the new one. I just wanted to say thanks for the quick service. R.S. - Virginia

Jeff, Don't you ever take time off work? It is a pleasure to do business with LBCarCo. The ease of ordering, the great savings and the convenience of being able to pick up the parts at LBCarCo makes it a good experience. I guess now that I have ordered the parts I am committed , or should be committed. Of course, there will be more parts to order later. Looking forward to doing business with you again soon. H.H. - Michigan

Thanks so much for getting my order out so quickly. I received the picnic basket the next day - in time for my wife's birthday and it fits perfectly in the boot of her new MINI. J.W. - Ohio

Just a FYI that all items received in good condition. Parcel arrived Saturday, so all was here within 1 week of order. Very Nice. Cookies in with rotor was a nice touch. Ignition, cap and rotor already installed and appear to be operting fine, but I still need to tweak timing, because I'm getting a slight backfire at carb (not at tailpipe). Very Satisfied with my first order to LBC. Thanks. B.S. - Minnesota

Thanks for the quick service and sorry for not letting you know earlier. B.M. - Canada

You guys are the best...thanks B.R. - Illinois

Jeff, thanks for your timely notice, my order was intended to read 1 only 401-250 RH door lock cover TF and I only 323-718 screw set, thanks again for your great service. Cheers from Down Under. C.B. - Australia

Hi Jeff, just a quick note to thank you for such fast service on the items I ordered. Everything arrived just perfect. I really enjoy the web site, you have many more fun items calling my name! M.M. - Minnesota

Order arrived today. Once again, thanks for the superb service!! L.K. - Texas

Jeff and the crew at LBCarCo- Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I was impressed by the packing of the parts. Also your concern as to howyou made an attempt to correct a possible error on my part by contacting me to ensure I was in fact ordering the correct part, also your e-mails and concern about shipping this order to my satisfaction. I thank you again for sending the shipping order along with the parts at a lesser amount re customs charges. Then you even helped me fix my computer. This goes beyond the call of duty. And lastly you say I even won an LBCarCo. hat!!!! It's great doing business with you people. Thanks again. C.J. - Michigan

Just wanted to let you know the windshield arrived in great shape (not broken) and LBCarCo did a fantastic job of packing to protect it in shipment! D.C. - North Carolina

Just to let you know, I received my order today. Thanks for your prompt services. I am assuming my husband will love the gift (Birthday Marc 15 and will want to explore your other products after he opens his gift). L.D. - New York

Jeff, I received the gas tank. Thank you so much for your assistance--this was really a quality job of customer service. B.D. - Texas

Just wanted to make a positive comment that I appreciate the continued service (fine that is) and the prompt shipping, particularly on these winter doldrum months. Thank you very much. L.H. - Pennsylvania

The order arrived yesterday ,everything is in good order. Thanks, you guys do a great job. T.S. - New Jersey

I drove to Niagara Falls yesterday to pick up my parts. They are all there. Thank you for being so flexible on the shipping, and thanks for the "convenient" prices. You have saved me a fair bit of money. You can be sure that I will order again fom you, and I will also give you "two thumbs up" to anybody looking for lbc parts. Thanks for the shortbread. D.C. - Canada

Thanks again great service. C.G. - Canada

Thanks again Jeff, you really do come through. I know i've said it before, but I really do appreciate all of your help. E.J. - Texas

Received the TR4 tonneau cover and am very pleased with the quality--thanks! S.S. - Montana

You guys do a great job, thats why I kep coming back. :) J.C. - Michigan

Sent the leaky one back this morning and the new one arrived this afternoon!! What service!!! Thanks! C.B. - Canada

You've done a great job with fast, accurate ordering and even occasional help. I have nothing but good to say about LBC. I'm not the least bit concerned about any delay. C.F. - Ohio

Hi Jeff - Received my package today and the MG items are fantastic! Thanks so much! Can't wait to turn my sister-in-law on to your website. L.C. - New Hampshire

Jeff and Jan: Thanks for keeping all us British Car owners and enthusiasts so well informed about what is going on within our realm of interest, what LBC Co. is offering and sharing your experiences with us. Because my resources are being spread out among three hobbies (an MG-TD, a sailboat and model train collection), I haven’t been ordering as much as I’d like from you folks. But, as the coming year progresses, I hope to be acquiring more items from your catalog.I did not want to let your latest email go by without acknowledging your efforts on our behalf and wishing you both a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. After receiving your emails for so long I feel as though I know you both and hope someday to actually meet you at a show or event somewhere. You are doing great things for us out here and you have some really outstanding products in your line. Keep up the good work and please, keep the emails coming – I look forward to receiving them. R.V. - New York

Thanks for the personal attention Jeff. This is why this winter when I finally get my list together I will order from you. H.E. - Pennsylvania

Received starter tonight UPS. Thanks for the fast service. Service was so fast, I got it before I received notice and tracking info from UPS. Thanks again. Starter is in and car works great. B.M. - Pennsylvania

I just installed the P22 bulb in my Raydyot fog light and it fit perfect! My TR4 will see on those foggy days! Thanks for your help. And I never said thanks for those shortbreads you put in every package. My mom is from the midlands (Birmingham) so I take them to her to remind her of England. Although she has never heard of the brand, she does recognize the taste/texture etc. Thanks again. B.L. - New York

I was just going over the MGB Experience where the discussion revolved around lighting. One of the guys on the forum indicated that he had purchased a set of Autopal non seal beam lights for his MGB from you and stated "that they are the best set of lights that he has ever owned". I've looked on your web site and couldn't find them. Do you still offer them? If so what is the part number and cost for a set? T.R. - Washington

I haven't had time before now, but I wanted to thank you all for getting all the parts to us in a timely manner. I know, it is your business, but I appreciate whatever you did to get them all to us in time, it was going the extra mile, and that helps your customers a lot. E.J. - Texas

Jeff, Joe from Safety Harbor just got the bulbs what a difference, just ordered one more 6V now I don't have to be in a hurry to convert to 12V, I will pass this on to fellow riders of antique bikes that don't want to spend the 300 to convert, thanks again. J.B. - Florida

Rack arrived today (14th). Thanks again for your help. J.C. - New Zealand

I usually buy from you but this time I had small orders to Moss for a continuance of their catalogs. The shipping was outragous. Your policy of charging actual freight charges is refreshing. L.S. - Ohio

Received my order today. Thanks again for your fine sevice. J.S. - California

Thank you very much for the instructions. You have always been helpful and I will keep ordering my parts from you. Thanks Again. J.B - Massachusetts

Got an electronic ignition for my healey the british invation.... Its the only way to go... more power... no more farting thru the carb no more back fire... its running awesome.... this guy jeff zorn (email that i cc"d ) was helpful getting me the right stuff... you gotta get one. J.P. - New Hampshire

Great to finaly meet you. I wish we could have had time to talk, but you were very busy with customers and I didn't want to interrupt, maybe next year. I really wanted to thank you for all the help and advice you've provided to me over the last year. The mgb is running great and my wife and I are having a ball. I'll be in contact soon for more parts as there is always more to do. Thanks again. I'll see you next year. B.M. - Massachusetts

Thank you very much for your efforts in getting my new tonneau cover shipped out to me. It arrived this afternoon, and I just finished the installation. I am now ready for the British car show this weekend. Thanks again! I look forward to dealing with you again (probably soon). D.T. - Pennsylvania

Leads arrived safe and sound and have been fitted curing my misfire, broken HT lead on old set. Service provided much appreciated. B.H. - United Kingdom

I recieved the MGA distance tube today - Thur. at 11:25 AM. Thanks for all your efforts, a job well done! J.T. - Michigan

Thank you a million times over. M.B. - Michigan

Just to say many thanks for the prompt handling and assistance with the small order. M.O. - Australia

I must say I am impressed with the service on my first order. Not only the accommodation to add to my order, but the speed at which it was deliveredonce shipped. It went out DHL on 8/31 and arrived today 9/2. Obviously faster than their estimated 9/6 delivery date. Thanks again. L.K. - Texas

You guys are too much. I just got the DHL shipping notice for the latest order. Please accept my thanks. R.S. - Virginia

just a quick note to say thanks v much - the sprite arrived today in really good shape, I can't believe it got here so fast! Thanks again. R.C. - Canada

Just a (very tardy) short note to thank you for the excellent service on the parts that I ordered a few months ago. Everything worked out very well and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the parts. I'm attaching a photo of the car "all better and pretty again" for you to see how well it turned out. I'm very pleased with the results and you'll be able to see the car at Stowe if you get a chance. I'll drop by your booth and say hello anyway. Thanks again for your great service. G.H. - New York

Thanks for the great service - I have placed new order 1465154 and indicated to link it with earlier order on airmail post. M.O. - Australia

First off, I had my first experience with LBC last week and it was great! Now I need to order more parts. Thank You. H.H. - Michigan

A belated thanks for your usual great service. The parts arrived on time and in good shape (as usual). F.H. - Ohio

SERIOUS THANKS! I'm slowly working on my two TC's and will consistently order from YOU! You've always given me good service, and LBCC's reputation couldn't be better. B.C. - Virginia

Thank you for coming through. I received the parts Monday morning and left for vacation that the Healey. R.C. - New Jersey

Jeff, I did want to thank you for the prompt service on the wheel cylinders for my TD. I'll be back! F.W. - Ohio

Jeff, thank you, you are living up to your sterling reputation! You have a well deserved excellent reputation on the MG bulletin boards, I'm always happy to recommend you as a parts supplier. B.G. - Kentucky

I received my tonneau for the TD as ordered. It was delivered as stated. I want to thank you for the prompt service. The tonneau is beautiful and I can't wait to install it on the car. F.W. - Ohio

You folks are a great part of my lucky car's good luck. Thanks again. H.F. - Massachusetts

Just wanted to say thanks for getting the speedi-sleeve to me in a hurry.It showed up and I got it installed in time to compete. I keep telling myfriends about your great service and this is just one more story to share with them.

Just wanted to write you to let you know how pleased we were with our transaction. Very quick service and my son enjoyed seeing your little Mini and BSA motorcycle in the garage. P.C. - Michigan

Your excellent packing saved my bulbs.The box was crushed. Thanks. B.N.

Greetings..Thanks again for the great service last week in getting me the bulbs for my 40 year old PL700 lamps. I was able to leave them in for the MogWest weekend with the bonus of being able to see much better at night. Thanks again.

I appreciate your help, it's a relief to have a good company like yours to order through! N.S. - New Mexico

Shipment arrived today, everything exactly as ordered! Thanks very much and I look forward to buying from you again. M.B. - Canada

My last order, 1312945, arrived in good order. EXCELLENT service from both you and DHL--ordered late on 13/6; arrived 1100 on 15/6. Can't do much better than that! Thanks! F.C. - Canada

I just came home (France) and found my order, everything exactly as expected + moderate shipping charge and no custom taxes thanks to your using USPS! Thank you very much, I will be back with more orders as soon as I have more time to take care of my LBCs! G.P. - France

Great response time...easy doing business...thanks! D.I. - Ohio

Due to your great service, I referred Bob York to you, and He placed an order this week. Actually some of the parts were for me also. Keep up the great work. J.G. - Colorado

The parts all arrived yesterday and they are beautiful! Thanks for your help in straightening out my mess, and for getting the parts here quickly. The door panels and door pulls are great, and my son will be very pleased when he returns. J.T. - Georgia

Thank you for the super fast shipment. I will order again! J.G. - Colorado

Hi Jeff. Boy, was I surprised when the Dayton wire wheels – all 5 of them – showed up yesterday (Tuesday). I expected a couple of weeks ‘build time’ might be needed, like for the MGB wheels. Also, I got the tonneau, carpets set, etc, too.Great service! Thanks. H.B. - Washington

Thanks so much for the legwork for what really isan inconsequential amount. Your company has a great rep in the 'club scene' and now I know why! I will place my order today for the Ignitor, and will forward your part number onto Kevin so hopefully he will order one as well! J.H. - Pennsylvania

I just wanted to let you know that, with your input, my mechanic was able to fix my car. Thanks!!! P.E. - Virginia

My wife and I visited your shop at Berry College this past weekend and were very impressed and pleased with your selection of merchandise. My wife especially was taken with the courteousness of your personnel. This was our first experience with Little British Car and it certainly will not be our last. We are also members of theGeorgia Triumph Association and we will certainly encourage our fellow members to patronize your business. R.S. - Georgia

I received my order this morning - seems like I just hit the "send" button to place it!!! Thanks for the really quick delivery. S.N. - Michigan

Incredible service, and I love the product. If there's anything you want or need - a marketing quote, reference, whatever - let me know. I'm very happy I ran into one of your fans at the garage! J.H. - Washington

The new starter worked wonders and my '76 Midget is back on the road. Your service and follow-up was awesome and should be an example to other companies I deal with. I liked the cookies as well:) M.W. - Connecticut

Quick note to thank you for all my stuff for the TD. Heck, even the mechanic doing the rebuild on our "53 MkII" was excited to see it. Everything was there as ordered and, as always, enjoyed the shortbread. M.F. - Idaho

Just a short note to thank you for the swift delivery of the rear valance that I ordered recently. This was a part for my Xj6. I had it delivered to my postal drop folks. One day last week I took my MGB for a short spin and decided to pick up the mail (bills). To my surprise the part had just arrived there. So without much choice I lowered the top, stuffed the big boxin on the passenger side, put the dog on my lap and managed to get home with it all as well as a confused dog. I have endorsed your company on Jag Lovers BBS as being great guys to order from. Excellent prices and quick delivery. I'm a happy camper !!! Thanks Again for the great service. A.M.


Thanks, you make it very easy to order parts and I have asked questions in the past and received advice that is not available from the other parts companies. It is a pleasure doing business with you. M.L. - Washington

Just wanted to thank you for the very speedy delivery of our MG parts - they arrived before noon yesterday! I was surprised that almost every item we ordered was in the package. You sure came through for us and we appreciate it greatly. R.S. - North Carolina

I wanted to thank you for your efforts in getting parts to me when I needed them. Our car, PopTop, was ready for the endurance rally on time, TeamPopTart came firmly last but we ran 609 uneventful and thoroughly enjoyable miles on a brand new engine in 18 hours. It would not have been possible without your service. M.B. - Missouri

Jeff, just a quick note to tell you we are thrilled with the new top for the SP250. The zip out window will be wonderful and we really wanted the color black. You have made our spring! F.H. - Virginia

A significant amount of my restoration purchases were from lbcarco. I have directed many people to your web site as an alternative to some of the other vendors. Thank you for the wonderful experience I have had with this restoration as I am ready to go to paint and install the interior. I will send you a picture if you like I should be done by early May. The engine and mechanicals are working great and now I just have to finish up the cosmetics. M.J. - South Carolina

I received my order (1154014) today. Great job. Iappreciate the professionalism of the package and parts. I was especially pleased not to see any darn packaging popcorn pellets! Thank you for the shortbread treat, too. I look forward to doing business with you in the future. W.B. - California

Jeff, order received. Thanks that was quick, Great service!! P.C. - New York

Parts arrived today. Once again a BIG THANK YOU for suppling them so fast. J.C. - New Zealand

Thanks for the quick feedback, Jeff. It's always a pleasure. I've gotten some excellent feedback from people I've suggested work with you - They love the personalized service. M.I. - Michigan

Jeff, The personal touch is what makes LBCC special. Don't change a thing. W.M. - Massachusetts

Thank you, Jeff. I appreciate your excellent service! W.B. - California

The extraordinary speed with which you ship out orders is so great that it should be honorably 'mentioned in dispatches'. In fact, it will be, whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself. R.B. - Georgia

Thanks Jeff. We really appreciate you making the return so painless! You have a reputation in our British Car Club as someone who is great to dealwith - but, we already knew that from personal experience these past years. D.S. - North Carolina

Thanks much Jeff. You can count on my future business. P.C. - New York

Today I got my last order from you (only one week from you to Norway) , all the parts was very nice and I like the "spesial way " you send it .. A.C. - Norway

Hi Jeff, just wanted to send a big THANKS. Everything I had ordered recently - the BJ8 SS exhaust etc - all arrived today in great shape via DHL, no problems. I appreciate your prompt shipping and the excellent email support for order questions. Thanks again! D.A. - Iowa

I am very happy with the quality of your products and service. In the future when I am in the needs for parts, I will now always check with you first before going to other companies that sell the same parts. K.S. - Pennsylvania

Thank you ,I received my order in good condition,nice touch with the shortbread,[my favorite]. C.R. - Ontario

The tonneau arrived today with no problems, and it looks fine. When things unfreeze I look foreward to fitting it. Very low taxes and fees due to your creative value and mail, so manythanks. I'm sure I'll use you again. P.S. - Ontario

A belated thank-you for the excellent service regarding the MGA Diecast. My friend John Newman had no trouble picking up the package & in fact has relatives only 1 mile away. In short our friend loved the MGA & our expectations were more than realized. You have Excellent Service!!!!!!!!!! Thanks Again. D.L.

For the price I paid, I was expecting a lower quality cover (being that most other covers, at other places, are double the price). The cover is of a good thick material, with a good liner on the inside. Plus I was very surprised and happy to see that the hardware is of the correct type and brand (not generic made). Thanks again for making it possible to buy a new cover, for the price of a used 30 year old cover, that I would have bought on Ebay... K.S. - Pennsylvania

What service. I really appreciate your personal touch. Thank you. F.S. - Canada

Thanks very much, the shortbread was very thoughtful. The switch looks good as well. C.K. - Florida

Jeff, thanks for the head's up and the call yesterday. now thats what I call Customer Service =) L.A. - Florida

Thanks for the reply. You have certainly been more helpful than one of your "competitors" who wouldn't even answer my email. I guess they are just too big! J.O. - Georgia

I just wanted to contact you to say thanks. I received the Triumph TR4 model that you are selling and it looks great! B.H. - New Jersey

The order came today and I wanted to say thank you! The savings were GREAT! Shipping came sooner than expected! Got to add items to my vehicle already! Am looking forward to doing business again, as I add to my MG TF! B.F. - California

The Moto Lita hub I ordered recently for my Sunbeam Tiger arrived today. Thanks for the great service. I do appreciate it! P.A. - South Dakota

I am most grateful to have learned of the Union Jack rug/blanket. My 13 year old nephew received it tonight, his birthday, with tremendous happiness and enthusiasm. Shortly before the party ended, he took me up to his room and gladly placed the blanket over his bed; he was looking forward to using it. And, all of the adults liked it too. It was a really big hit! The quality is magnificent. Thank you, too, for the shortbread surprise. Also, it was very kind of Annette to phone this morning to inquire if the package arrived. You are a nice firm to deal with. P.C.

Season's greetings, aw, what the heck!!! I'll be politically incorrect... Merry Christmas and all the best in 2006. Thank you for your good service this past year. B.S. - Canada

This is my second order from you. Ate my cookies last night from the first order and knew it was time to repeat! i'm slowly working on a '49 MG-TC and expect to be a regular customer of yours. I appreciate the good service. B.C. - Virginia

Do you ever sleep? I am impressed with your customer service and will continue to tell my friends about your company. R.D. - Utah

Great shirts. Such fast service, had them the next day (this after ordering in two batches late in t he day!). I WILL be back! Thank You so much for fantastic service and great product. V.Y. - Alabama

I think it is great to have another MG place to order from! Your put Victoria British to shame:) Thankyou for all of your help! J.S. - North Carolina

Your orders are always accurately filled and shipped quickly. I appreciate your focus on customer service! J.C. - Florida

I'm sorry you had to spend so much time finding my order, and I really appreciate the effort. I have been extremely pleased with your service onall my orders. I feel that you go above and beyond the expected when it comes to customer service. The interior panel set, seat upholstery, and carpet set are wonderful!!! They fit and look perfect. S.W. - North Carolina

Just to let you know i have received the leads today. They have made a vast improvement to how the car runs! Thanks very much for your excellent service. P.C. - United Kingdom

Thanks for the excellent service! The top arrived on Thursday, just a few days after I sent an inquiry to you. I will definitely be doing more business with you. Thanks. B.O. - New Jersey

Thanks, You guys rock!! T.P. - Michigan

THANKS for getting right back to me. I've already registered w/you & placed this order - Don't rush it! You shipping policy seems very fair...You should brag about it on your Home Page, to establish better trust. D.A. - Wisconsin

Thanks for the great service. Less than 24 Hrs. L.L. - North Dakota

Thanks for staying on it Jeff. I realize that it was a small order and probably wasn't worth the headache that you endured in tracking it all overthe country, but it is appreciated and says volumes about your customer service. C.M. - Utah

No problem, the credit assigned to me is fine, I'm sure I'll be placing an order in the future. I feel the service from this company has been very satisfactory. L.H. - Pennsylvania

I will be slowly rebuilding my Bugeye this fall/winter. I will definitely be using your company as a supplier because every penny I can save on the rebuild project means I can spend moreon the gas to actually enjoy my ride. Thanks for discounting these parts and for having a great site to order from. M.C. - Georgia

The calipers arrived Friday. Excellent workmanship.. They look new, rather than rebuilt. T.S. - Connecticut

All the parts arrived this morning in good shape! The order was complete and correct! I appreciate your patience during the ordering process and look forward to doing business with you again in the future. I completelyunderstand the computer problem and misdirected shipment etc. and am just very happy that everything was available and arrived in good shape. I've been wainting for 35 years to do this right. I couldn't bear to drive thecar knowing the oil pressure needed attention. Now all that is being corrected. I was an aircraft mechanic in a "prior" life and am reallylooking forward to reassembling this engine with all the proper parts. Better yet, I can't wait to drive it again but then I know you know allabout that! Thanks again. J.S. - Indiana

I appreciate your extremely efficient, friendly service, and look forward to getting my MGA's back on the road again. I understand that you are planning another UK trip next Autumn. My wifeand I would be very interested in joining you, and I would appreciate further details. T.W. - Kentucky

Hey Jeff, package just arrived 2 min. ago, Fantastic service!! THANKS for all your trouble!! Your are the best! E.S. - Ohio

Got my caps yesterday, they were here when Iarrived home. Thanks for the excellent customer service, I love the caps. K.T. - Florida

Received my order today and everything arrived safely. Thank you so much for being "Canadian friendly" as I'm sure you know what I mean. I willdefinitely place more orders with you in the future as I have two cars which are in varying stages of refurbishment. D.S. - Canada

Thanks, Jeff, for another outstanding purchase. My parts arrived safe and sound in record time. I will be shopping again soon. J.J. - Virginia

Thanks Jeff, I really appreciate the help that you go out of your way to give, it is this that makes dealing with the LBCarCo such a pleasure and I am sure keeps bringing people back (it will me). J.C. - California

Normally I wouldn’t send a lot of feedback, but this time I felt it was a must. I ordered some parts last week, and in the process screwed up how I wanted them shipped. I sent an e-mail to you guys and received a reply almost immediately telling me everything was fixed. I was told that the parts were going to be backordered if I was okay with that as they were not in direct stock right now. Well, little did I know that backordered meant about a week. Most places if something is backordered you may get it within a month or two if you are lucky, so imagine my happy surprise to see auto parts on my doorstep today. All I can say is GREAT JOB and I will be ordering from you guys a lot more for all my Spit parts (and believe me I need quite a few parts on this lengthy project). J.J. - Virginia

Got them, you folks are the best. Thanks much. A.J. - Michigan

Hi! Just received my new hood and car cover here before the car even has....Thanks for such quick service. As soon as i get possession of the car I am sure that there will be more things that i need. Againthanks for all your help, advice and great service. A.M. - Pennsylvania

Don't know who to direct this to..and you probably don't hear this much...but you gals/guys are great to work with. Your web site is easy to navigate...your product list and long and readily available..and your team is responsive. That's what I'm looking for and I'll be glad to do more business with you as the need arises. K.L. - Canada

I just wanted to thank you and let you know how speedy the service was. I ordered early Monday. The parts arrived Wednesday via UPS ground. How did you do it?! Very satisfied customer! P.W. - Alabama

Just a quick note to let you know that my order arrived yesterday in good shape. I liked the tonneau; my wife liked the trinkets. Everybody's happy :-)) L.D. - WI

This order arrived today -- complete with surprise gift! Thanks very much for the excellent service. E.A. - Canada

THANKS for the speedy processing. I checked the delivery confirmation and see the package is on a truck (ft wayne) and one it's way to me today. I am SO glad to finally have used your company. I got SO accustomed to using Moss..and then a few times using VB. The prices on VB were most times better than Moss. NOW you...I am happy beyond what I can tell you. I believe next will be a transmission overhaul..>ARGH<. I fear that one... R.M. - Indiana

Hello. I received our order on Friday. Nothing was broken. I must say it was very well packed. Thanks. K.M. - Canada

Just wanted to say thanks for your patients and kindness. The top is on the car and looks great.Thanks again. P.K. - Canada

Thanks for the effort you put into Chatter, I always look forward to reading it. Have a great Easter all the best from Adelaide South Australia.D.M. - Australia

Will do. Thanks. You guys are amazing... J.W. - Maryland

The compliments for LBCC were earned, not simply bestowed. P.D. - Florida

Thanks for the personalized service - this is what attracted me to LBCC. P.D. - Florida

Carbalancer's arrived today, what can I say ,extremely happy , 10/10 with service and product , thank you very much. You'll make it very hard for your opposition to survive , when you guy's work like this, WELL DONE & thanks again. A.G. - Maryland

Hello Jeff just a note to tell you how happy I am with the halogen bulbs on my MGA. I replaced all the taillight and instrument bulbs. BIG difference. J.P. - California

I just wanted to let you know that I recieved my order this morning, I was every impressed with your speed. I used to work as a customer service rep. for an internet based company, so I know how difficult shipping quickly and accuratly can be. I just wanted to say that I was very impressed with the shipping time and the excellent packing of the products. The shortbread was also a nice touch. You guys do a very good job, I hope your other customers appreciate it as much as I do. A.J. - Washington

I love ordering from your company. Orders are accurate and speedy. Questions are answered VERY promptly. Thanks. T.C. - Iowa

I just want to tell you that I think you guys arewonderful. I have never gotten such a quick response on this or when I ordered the wrong top for my midget and you wrote to tell me you had cancelled it and that I needed to order a different one to match my car. Prices are great as well. From now on I am doing business with you guys!!! T.P. - New York

My thanks returned. My restoration project has been made better with the help of your quality services. J.F. - Illinois

Cool. Your service impresses me. Thanks. P.M. - Canada

I just received my order of the booster cables from your fine company. I must say I was both surprised and pleased with the cables. The wire grade and quality were superb and the connector clamps was very well designed and made. Again, my thanks for a great product at a very reasonable and affordable price. I am planning to get another set for my Dakota in the future. D.C. - Maine

Just wanted thank you for sending the order out so quick. Now I just have to motivate and put it in the car. J.D. - New York

Thank you, your fantastic service and thoughtfulness is very much appreciated. F.S. - Canada

Hi -- just wanted to say my order arrived and looks great. I also really enjoyed the shortbread! Thank you so much! My brother in law has the MGB and I will put one of your cards in with the gift. My sister has an MGBGT and I already asked her if she knew about your company :-) I used to have an Austin America, but had to part with it when my daughter wasborn. Anyway -- thank you again!! Have a great holiday season and I hope to buy again from you in the near future. R.S. - Oregon

OOPS, last week when I got the email I just immediately went to your website and read it there. Forgot to look. But even if it screws up once in a while on Yahoo it is still something I look forward to receiving each week. Although I know it is coming it's just a pleasant surprise when there it is. Sort of like the little shortbread cookies that find their way into the order.

Thanks for the heads up Jeff. You're always on the ball and give such attentive service. W.F. - Illinois

JEFF:The Halogen tail/brake lights work great on my "TF", and I did appreciate your tip about which ones to get, as well.Also, want you to know how much I enjoy reading about your weekend excursions to shows across the country. Your stories are great.Have a good holiday season. D.W. - PA

Just a quick note to let you know I received the everflex top today. Very nice. Very well made. Well worth the wait. Thanks for all of your help. J.J. - Arkansas

I do enjoy you LBCC News Letter. I can't imagine how much time it takes to get it together nor can I imagine how you find the time to do it. Keep up the good work. B.K. - Indiana

Jeff, I received the Colortune on Friday(15th) and look forward to puttingit to good use tuning up my baby preparing for Winter hibernation. I appreciated your email and quick service. The shortbread cookies wereexcellent as well! I am almost ashamed to admit that having owned my MGA for going on 3 years,that this is the first order that I have placed with you. However after the savings that you provided, it will not be the last! C.M. - Utah

This is sooooo typical. I wrote to you at 11:23 PM and you responded at 11:30. Seven minutes! I have since been to MacGregor's website, found all the parts I needed, ordered them, and sent them an e-mail saying you sent me. Is this great or what? Thanks, as always. ' Hope to see you in Waynesboro VA on Oct 2nd. Got the wire wheel bands today. Actually, Florrie tells me they were here yesterday! And I just happen to be going to the tire shop tomorrow morning. Perfect! How do any of the other suppliers stay in business? You sure get a lot of referrals from me! A.B. - Michigan

Hey guys, received our picnic basket yesterday and I have to say we are more than pleased with it. It's going on the back of the MG TC and hope to get one more trip before the weather gets bad. Thanks again for a great product and super service. Rich Range - Illinois

Thank YOU for the usual hyper-speedy service. The EBC pads for my MGB arrived today via DHL, one day ahead of their initial estimate. Now it's out to the driveway to install them before the thunderstorms roll back in, after which I'll reward myself with a shortbread cookie snack! As always, a pleasure doing business with you... R.J - Iowa

I just want to thank you again for donating the nice picnic basket that was awarded to me for Best of Show at the Grand Rapids Summer Party.It was a great event and we all enjoyed ourselves.Thanks again, and I hope to see you at the Chicago British Car Show next month. T.L. - Illinois

I forgot to update you regarding the return of the core starter. The starter was returned over a week ago via UPS. Thanks for the quality of service and the surprise biscuit. C.A. - California

Just a note to thank you for your prompt shipment and my quick receipt of my order. M.B. - Kansas

Thanks again for the great deals. P.D. - Texas

Thanks for keeping me informed, I commend you on your service, Gary. G.G. - Australia

Thanks Jeff! That will be perfect. It sure is great working with you guys! R.W. - Wisconsin

That's exactly why I order my parts through you!!, thanks a bunch. I've got a couple of other things to purchase but I won't be able to give you the list until later tonight when I get home. I'll go through your website and order it and put a note on there about the strut. A.F. - Kansas

Yes, it was Annette I talked to! :) Btw, You guys are the best (and cheapest)I have recommended you to a few people now. Thanks for all the great customer service! C.K. -Indiana

Thank you very much! As usual, it is a pleasure to do business with you! N.D. - New Hampshire

Jeff, I just wanted to say thank you for one of your past tech tips. It worked and saved me a lot of grief. It was the one where you use a metal hose clamp to remove the MGB/C door locks. I did one door the "old" way with screwdriver and pliers and skinned knuckles and mild cursing. It seems like it took forever to pry it out. The other door I used the hose clamp and popped it out in under 2 minutes. Good tip, thanks a lot. C.C. - Florida

Hey thanks a hurry!You guys are terrific on customer service!!!!

Thanks soooooo much, in the mail today with $4 ship! Your booth was awesome, also bought a MG book I had been lookin' for on the basic history! L.R. - Pennsylvania

I just received my first LBCarCo order (Midget front wheel bearings) today. I just wanted to thank you for your prompt service, and particularly for your very nice gesture of enclosing a packet of Walker’s Shortbread with the bearings. I’m inordinately fond of Scottish shortbread (heck, I even like haggis), so the enclosure was a very pleasant surprise indeed.Thanks again, and I hope to do business with you again soon. G.K. - Missouri

The bulbs I ordered last week arrived and fit the lenses properly. I especially like the personal touch of the shortbreads you included. I have never received anything like that in all my dealings in the business. I will look forward to doing business with you in the future. T.R. - Florida

I received the large gasket in question. Thanks for your excellent customer service. Nice to do business with you. R.C. - Kentucky

The batteries and scarf were delivered this afternoon! Incredible service! My husband will be installing them tomorrow. And, as always, thanks for those shortbread cookies. My mom and I always used to buy them (the same brand) when we traveled to England many times in the 1970's. They are the best! B.C. - Illinois

This attentention to detail will make me come back to you again and again. D.R. - Iowa

Thank you. Great Customer Service! Appreciated.J.N. - New Jersey

I just recently discovered the Little British Car Co. which has significantly lower prices than some of the larger parts places.A Moto-Lita wood steering wheel ($190) and the hub for an adjustable Healey column ($115) are a couple of examples. They do not offer a hard catalog but parts can be ordered on line. They cross reference part numbers with Moss. I have used Moss and Victoria British in the past and think they do a great job and will continue to use both, but Little British Car Co is another consideration especially as the US dollar has dropped and prices have jumped higher on British parts. A.H. - Washington

I got them on wednesday as promised.I thank you for- upgrading my order for the tail lights to 50/15w- very propt shipping- picking DHL as shipper - never known UPS to actually do a 2 day devlivery- donating the $20 gift certificate to the New Orleans British Car Show (I won)- giving credit for it on this orderMy 50 MG Y type thanks you- for giving me brighter tail lights for my 500 mile trip to Pensacola Beach, FL- I promised Mike I wouldn't break down If I had brighter tail lights n' I won't worryso much about getting hit by crazy drivers on the interstate. Mikes wife, Sharonwon't let me go over 55 MPH, cause she says my parts fall off (ain't true- all thetime- Mike gets me up to 75-80 when it's just us n' my parts don't fall off).My Wife, Sharon thanks you- For making her feel safer- But mostly for the Short Bread Waffers. M.L. - Louisiana

Thanks for your effort. You're great as usual. G.B. - Indiana

I gave the Little British Car Co a good plug on the MG BB I belong to. C.C. - New York

Hi Jeff. Just wanted to let you know that I received the jacket today and it is better than I expected. I will certainly enjoy wearing this for many years. Thanks for all of your efforts!!! D.A. - Missouri

I am sitting here admiring my recently received, long awaited, MK 10 Moto Lita steering wheel and munching on an unexpected but appreciated Walkers shortbread finger. The wheel arrived safely as a result of professional packing-- you folks could give others packing lessons. W.W. - Virginia

Thank you. You have always done a great job. D.R. - Iowa

Thank you. I just placed an "official" order so that there would not be any question. As usual, your follow up and advise is exemplary.It really is nice to "meet" someone who runs their business like I run mine. D.D. - Florida

Parts arrived today, great service. I really like the web site. I'll recommend you to my friends.tks (no duty) :-) M.H. - Canada

I finally got around to ordering something from you online. Most of my past purchases have been at various shows. I wanted to comment on something. The main reason I ordered this partfrom you (besides it being an MG part) was because of the ease of use I found with your website. I tried looking for this part from three other vendors online, including Moss Motors, but their search engines did not locate the part number. I thought since this was an MG part I was needing for my Spitfire, I would give your online ordering a try, and sure enough, it located thepart, with an accurate description and a fair price. Your website made it a very easy mission to locate the part and price, and place theorder. H.B. - Indiana

I ordered a right-angle drive for my 72B's speedometer and it arrived today. The past two weeks have been an absolute bear for me at work. Problem after problem - long hours - and the weather has been absolutely dreadful. Snowand cold. No time to play with the car. Yuck. I've been experiencing extreme winter blahs!But - the dumb little Walker shortbread cookie in my order really made myday! They are the best cookies around and it is just what I needed to break my winter doldrums. I got the angle-drive installed and took the car out tonight for an hour drive - cold be damned - and life is good again! Thanks! G.S. - Maryland

This order arrived today. Thanks for the great service! Also - - - Glad to see you are advertising in the "Octagon" & supporting the MG Car Club of Toronto. I'm sure you will find it worth your while. R.B. - Canada

Thank you so much for your attention to this tiny tiny order. I should tell you that at least two of the gift certificates you provided to last summer's British Car Days Across the Bridge were won by me, as luck would have it, in separate draws. I had not heard of your company before receiving these and almost dismissed them out of hand. After using both certificates for what must be to you "pain in the ass" little orders, I think I can tell you that I have been so impressed with the way you do business that you are now near the top of my list of potential suppliers for future orders of parts. At the very least I will check your website and see what you have to offer before making future orders, orders that presumably will be for values more than this current one. R.V. - Canada

Thanks for the info. You've always taken care of everything without a hitch. I just wanted to let you know all the help and assistance is muchappreciated from an MGB owner overseas. K.P.

The parcel arrived safely today..Great to do business with you... look forward to the next order... J.K. - Michigan

Thank you so much for watching out for me. You do indeed operate your business with a personal touch. I can't say I know of many who do that anymore. I guess this is why my Dad deals with you and recommends you to others. I will do the same. D.B. - Alabama

Thank you for your quick response. You always come through. Yes lets go ahead and order it. I'm in no great hurry for it. My bugeye is in the shop now and it will be a while before they need the frame. T.C. - Washington

Thanks Jeff, I appreciate your quick service. K.W. - Florida

Thanks very much Jeff. I always recommend LBCC to the other people in our British car club, so you should be seeing some more orders from Saskatoon, if you haven't already. L.V. - Canada

I've just received the package with all the items and the extra invoice I needed. It's a pleasure making business with you guys! R.S. - Georgia

Thanks! This is my second order with your company - My first order was great. S.K. - California

I say it all the are the best! D.S. - Ohio

Thanks for the extra info. It appears you do go the extra distance to help out customers! I won't forget that. R.V. - Canada

Thanks. I don't even get as quick responses from my wife but that's another story. C.D. - Washington

Your prices are great and a lot of people I know brag about the quality and ease of installation of your tops and tonneaus. J.R. - Texas

Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate the quick, personal service! B.B., Alberta, Canada

As per our telecon this a.m., ship cheapest way !! I obviously hit wrong key - don't need air shipments. Thanks for phone call. Your service has been great to tends to keep customers happy and coming back. Have a great day! J.H. - Arkansas

Received the Motolita MGA factory style wheel. Absolutely beautiful! M.S. - Louisiana

Thanks, Jeff. You're a please to do business with. J.B. - Indiana

I just received the package this evening with everything that I had ordered. The hood buffers even have the holes pre drilled. Thanks again for the great service! I will inform others of your great prices and service. G.P. - Texas

Thanks for the quick response - you web site is very good and easy to navigate. S.B. - Ohio

Jeff: I recieved the flasher relay from you in less than 24 hours via UPS. I'm impressed. B.M. - Michigan

This was the first show for our MG Midget since the renovation was only completed at 3:30 on Friday afternoon with the placing of our new picnic hamper from LBCar on the trunk of the MG. I think the hamper must have been the "crowning glory" as we won first place in our division against some strong competition. Thanks, for getting that hamper to us on time and the parts over the last few months. E.L. - FL
(10/21/2002) about quick reply. =) Anyway...order has been placed.Thank you again! Your personal attention is very much appreciated. =) Thanks for the very quick reply again. =) The personalized service you provide is always a welcome treat, I'm sure. I'm glad I did order. =)M.Y. - Philippines

Thank you very much; I appreciate the great service. D.G. - Ontario, Canada

FIRST OF ALL I MUST SAY you are very good responding to your customers has been a long time since i have seen customer service like this ....bravo i say. N.K. - NY

Thank you! I like the fact that you are using the internet as much as you are, I would rather e-mail than spend money calling! I also realize that the (800) numbers that companies have are free only until the cost are included in the price of merchandise!Thanks again!C.B. -

I just received my parts yesterday. I was very pleased at the quality and professionalism of your company. I will certainly order from you again - probably within the next month. A.V. - PEI, Canada

WOW that was fast, already got my UPS tracking number. Awesome service and quick reply's to email's. N.M. - New Hampshire


Of course, the day I choose to write you to say my order send via US mail hadn't come is the day that it shows up. Thank you for being so responsive to my needs. I'll be sure to pass a good word about your business along to others. J.B. - Virginia

On Monday night, shortly after mid-night, I e-mailed you re: the MGB "Wind Blocker" you advertised in your Newsletter "Chatter" which I received by E-Mail earlier in the day. By 10 a.m. Tuesday morning, your reply was in my mailbox! You answered every question I'd asked, and the price was right, so I ordered. You acknowledged my order, and informed me it would be shipped the very next morning (Wednesday). Friday afternoon at 4:30, the UPS truck brought my Wind Blocker. It's quality is as good as your service! By 5:30 I had it mounted on my MGB, and took it for a test ride. I am amazed at how well it works, and am still amazed at the great service your Company provided. THANKS for the personal attention, and I assure you more orders will be coming!I'm looking forward to meeting you in Waynesboro, VA in early October.Warmest regards from a VERY SATISFIED CUSTOMER.I.J. - Virgina

I may have told you I write articles for a computer magazine and have recently been lambasting web sites. I find so many big companies with dreadful sites. I have your noted down as a good site. Your site is 100 times better than some of the giants and I want to "quote" it. B.R. - Ontario, Canada

I think this email is going to Jeff Zorn but if it is to another in the Little British...then pass it on. I want to thank you for your prompt service and ease of ordering over the web. I have written before with questions when I just took over the MG TF-1500 from my father and was feeling out the various options of buying bits over the net. I just received a hood from you and am really delighted. I emailed you before asking if it came with any directions and you said no, but you did include some. I enjoy reading your "travelogue" about where you have been. Well, really - thanks for your terrific service. Again. A.S. - Conneticut

I enjoy your newsletter and probably do more business with you due to it. I always go onto your web page whenever you have pictures there. N.H. - New York

The bulbs arrived today and work perfectly...thanks for the help. W.L. - California

I received my order yesterday....Thank you. The shortbread was a nice touch! T.D. - Mass.

I appreciate your quick reply to my email. I plan on doing more business with you, as I am in the process of finishing a partial restoration of my '59 A that I've had since 1975. I only wish I could have found your site earlier as I could have saved myself quite a bit of $$$. R.S. - Calif.

Just a short note to say thank you for your excellent service - my package arrived on Friday and I collected it from the DHL depot yesterday. I appreciate the personal touches that go with dealing with your company - it's a pity there aren't more organisations that take the time to look after their clients in this manner. Thanks once againg Jeff and team for both excellent prices and for the efficient manner in which you processed my order and got it to me so quickly, all the while keeping me informed of the progress of the order. Keep up the good work - I have enjoyed this, my first (and I daresay not my last) experience with overseas ordering through the 'net.p.s. I enjoyed reading about your sorties around the country - I marvel that you have the time to put all this stuff together and still run what is obviously a very successful business.R.C. - Australia

Wanted to let you know, our MG parts arrived in good shape, less than 24 hours after placing order. Awesome job, thanks.!!! P.B. - Indiana

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for the great service! I was amazed when I got home last Friday (less than 24 hrs from placing my order) to find a box waiting for me. I have already installed half of the parts, and look forward to installing the rest for my front suspension rebuild tomorrow! I will give you a shout if I need to order any more parts for my little beast. S.S. - Calif.

Hey, you've gained a new customer. I like your product offerings, the website and your newsy discussions. You'll hear from me again. D.H. - Illinois

Jeff, your response's are the finest example's of internet marketing follow-up I have ever encountered. Your degree of professionalism makes you my 1st choice for my disposable little british car cash. K.D. - Mass.

Jeff,I love this personalized service!!! Thanks for the heads-up Jeff. Yes, please change the order to the one you suggested. Thanks again. L.S. - Michigan

We enjoy the e-mails & we've enjoyed doing business with you at various car shows. R.C. - Ohio

Just got to installing the tonneau cover. It fits great! Thanks so much for your effort to get it custom lengthened for my car. - P.T. - Michigan

Jeff,Your rapid response and accuracy are most encouraging and bode well for the future of online shopping. You should offer workshops for some of the less "gifted" business that are trying to engage in e-commerce. M.V. - New Jersey

Hi, I received my Pertronix Ignitor in record time. It works great! I am very impressed with the speed with which you processed my order. The shortbread wafers are a nice touch. I will definately be a repeat customer. Happy Holidays! T.H. - Tennessee

Just want to let you know my order arrived Friday right on time and in good shape. You run a tight ship. H.D. - Texas

Jeff,Thanks for seeing this for us. This is one of the reasons we shop with you. What you didn't know is that my 16 year old son has decided that the MGB is now "his," repairs and all. He has been my chief mechanic and this was his first order for what he wanted -- his money -- thanks again. B.S. - Virignia

What wonderful service. Thanks a bunch!!! R.T. - Ontario

The English Picnic Hamper arrived, as promised, right on time, and it is a beauty. I'm delighted. I also ordered a few sundry parts for the TD, and they were inside, as well. Thanks for a great price, prompt service, and first-class merchandise. R.M. - Connecticut

Thanks for catching my mistake and for your advice. I already like doing business with you!Thanks once again. You truly do provide a "personal touch". D.F. - Hawaii

Arrived on schedule -- I'll have the engine back in the car today. You're the best Jeff. Thanks.P.W. - Arizona

Jeff,Thanks for all the help and assistance you have provided. As usual, I will continue to recommend your company to others because of your outstanding service and caring for all. S.V. - California

Thanks very much for your excellent service. Order arrived 08.30 today. R.M. - United Kingdom

Thanks for a job well done as the Clikit arrived the next day and the tappets are now sounding fine again. A.A. - Oregon

Thanks jeff your are the greatest. i owe you a snifter of hennessey brandy! T.R. - Oklahoma

Last shipment arrived in great shape and very quickly. Thanks for the excellent service!You've made another loyal customer. D.C. - New York

Jeff, got and installed the new tonneau cover "big pockets" for the mgc. Thanks alot for your perseverance and patience on this customer tonneau! K.L. - Nevada

I enjoy your newsletter, and the tech tips, and the great service. It's nice to be able to order on line and have quality parts here within a day or two. K.S. - Michigan

Hey Jeff:Thanks for sending the tonneau!! It looks real good!! The quality is just what I was hoping for!!PS the shortbread was great!!! G.L. - British Columbia

Jeff,I've bought a few things from you in the last number of months: very happy.I am a member of the Saskatchewan British Car Club and we are always looking for parts suppliers.I've told some members that you are Canadian Friendly, which saved a bunch us a bunch in shipping. P.G. - Saskatchewan

Got the UPS notification. Will get in here in perfect time. Thanks alot. The experience with you and your enterprise have been very good so I'll be back. D.O. - Colorado

JEFF,Just like to thank you for the great service. Just fell into the british car thing and did not no jack about finding parts but may I say your theonly one out of dozens that took the time to care to write back. If you ever decide to come to colorado come by and have a beer!!!! C.C. - Colorado

Thank you very much Jeff. We are looking forward to doing business with you again. You really took good care of us. D.C. and T.B. - Massachusetts

Jeff,Thanks- great service as usual.!!! R.M. - Puerto Rico

Jeff--Just to let you know that the halogen bulbs for both my PL700's and 576's arrived today and they were all correct and work well. Can't wait till it gets dark...Thanks for the good service---M.O. - Maryland

My hero....A.D. - Michigan

Jeff,I met you at the TRF party and bought several items from you(as I have been by the net) One of the items purchased was the demister pad.I just wanted to tell you that no sooner then I got back,I had to use it in a "gully washer" rainstorm! I couldn't see a thing out of my TR3 inside windshield so I tore open the bag and used it . What a life saver as I was in heavy traffic! Thanks for convincing me to buy it! D.

Thanks for the note, and thanks for the prompt shipment of my Colortune and Ignitor which I received today. Outstanding service! I will order from you again soon. - M.S. - Ohio

Thanks for being so responsive and caring! C.R. - Arizona

Thanks Jeff! My clutch stuff is already on it's way! That's service! C.F. - Alabama

Thanks as always for the great service. C.G. - Florida

Thanks Jeff,If I had ordered from another supplier directly, they would have told me they couldn't change the order once it was entered! Thanks for making the change. You've got my future business. K.S. - Illinois

Hi Jeff: My halogen headlight bulbs (the special deal) arrived today, about four days after they were ordered. Of course I couldn't wait to install them even though my car is seldom driven at night. All went together easily and I even took the opportunity to clean out dirt which had infiltrated the headlight assemblies. Just for curiosity I used an old photographic exposure meter to measure the intensity of the old sealed beams, then remeasured the halogen beams. The second reading was off the scale. I'm getting used to using your website and look forward to placing my next order with LBCarCo. Thanks again. F.L. - Georgia

Hi Jeff;This is Craig writing to say your customer service went way beyond normal expectations !!!! I received the boss today (8/13) and it fit perfectly..... !!!!!! My hats' off to you and David at Moto-lita for solving my problem, please forward my appreciation to David as well !!! Thanks again Jeff and feel free to use my feedback if you wish. C.D. - New York

Hi Jeff,Back order items received by my colleaguelast week. Thanks a lot for your personal attention. P.R. - Brazil

Dear Jeff,Thanks for the personnal response to my order. I really appreciate the fact that since the seal I ordered is so small that you said you would mail it rather than UPS it saving me more cash. It's thoughtfulness like this that will make me come back to you for future orders. A.A. - California

Received the Esso sign I ordered and wanted to let you know that it is the best, quality sign of all the others I have seen or own. Except for itssize, It is made, I think, just like the originals that were used for exterior display at Esso stations before the Exxon corporate name change. B.R. - North CarolinaThanks for sourcing a quality product!

The parts arrived in time for me to complete a number of items for the ChicagoLand MG Group's Summer Party in Abindon Il. We tried out for the Concourse Judging, and made the grade, thanks in part to your efforts in getting the necessary parts to me in time. We also took first in the MGA class, so that makes 3 shows and 3 wins for my MGA. Thanks again for the support, we'll be placing another order soon for parts to correct the minor things mentioned in our Concourse Judging. B.P. - Minnesota

I appreciate your fast service and your low price. M.B. - New York

Jeff,Thank you.. your company has reaffirmed my faith in customer service. J.B. - Utah

Thank you for the great service and will be doing more business with you! C.G. - Florida

Hey! I got my order today! Thanks and everything was perfect. I've told several people about the LBC company including a friend who has a '59Alfa Romeo... the halogen light is what he is interested in. I told him to figure out what the wattages and mounting methods are and then tocontact LBC to order. Fantastic service! - M.M. - Oregon

Jeff,The new top appears to be of good quailty and rough fitment seems to be excellent. The directions for installation are very clear and definitley "British" in tone and text. The material matches the original fabric very well. P.F. - Illinois

Jeff,I appreciate the personal service that I get from you. Some of the other vendors' parts may be a little cheaper but the person answering the phone is just an order taker and doesn't know much about the cars that they are selling parts for. M.L. - Kentucky

I like the personal attention! Thanks again. D.H. - Wisconsin

Well done. Love your work! J.C. - Australia

Hi Jeff,I received the part today around 12:00, What service!! Car will be ready in the morning. K.E. - New Jersey

The wheel made it today. VERY nice, definitely worth the wait. Can't wait to try it out.Thanks for the great service... J.F. - Illinois

Thanks, Jeff. I really do appreciate your efforts on this. This is one of the reasons I like to deal with people who really love their business and know what they are doing. M.R. - Ohio

Just thought I'd let you know that I got the parts on Tuesday, the day they were promised, we've got the fuel pump and water pump installed, will work on getting the hoses and belt on tomorrow, might just make ou deadline ofJune 23rd...Thanks again...E.H. - Washington

Jeff,It's amazing how quickly you always respond, even on Sunday! F.H. - California

I wasn't sure whether this would create an other order with double shipping etc etc etc or not, BIG places (like computer co's) don't even look, just process. I appreciate your "personal" service. R.M - Pennsylvania

As an aside - I really like ordering with LBC. The format is clear and I hope you're around for a long time. I know its lots of work , but I appreciate your service - both on line and personal. Thanks again, J.H.- Wisconsin

The sector peg (and other items) arrived yesterday. Thank you for tracking that hard to get item down. I will get it up to the machine shop tomorrow. Exciting. P.G. - MN

Thanks, Jeff, for the heads-up on the stowage bag. Thanks again for the fine service. KdB - PA

Love the stories and Tech Tips - keep them coming! J.S.

Got the order from you yesterday. The Scottish cookie was a nice surprise! I have tasted this type of cookie before (my mother has pen-friends around the world) and know it to be of good quality- if a little too sweet. Next time I need parts I'll think seriously about ordering from you. Thanks again. B.B. - MA

Hi Jeff!Well, I put in that electronic (Pertonix) ignition and super (Pertronix) coil, and my midget does run smoother than it did, carbs really need some attention. Thank you once again for your excellent service. ps. here's a pic of me and my MG that I rescued from a local wrecking yard. D.S. - CA

Thanks a lot for your help. It is a pleasure to do business with someone who provide as good service as you do. As you probably know the consept "service" has not yet arrived in Europe. J.K. - Norway

Thanks, I've been restoring this car for a year now. I get it back from the painter next week with a new coat of tundra green. Can't wait. I enjoy doingbusiness with you. Thanks again. J.L. - Oregon

Thanks so much for getting the order out earlier than expected. The package arrived on Friday and I spent the first day of "Drive your British Car Week"under the 'B installing the braided stainless steel brake lines. Thanks again for the quick service! R.J. - Iowa

Thank you for the prompt reply! But isn't the lamp cover for the license plate? Although in thinking about it it is probably the exact same chrome bit,huh? So again I am impressed by your attention. As I have had and will have reason to order parts for bm/bmc parts you're highly regarded.C.J. - Oregon

Thank you for all your personal service. It is refreshing. I received most. I'm sure I'll get the rest soon. Happy MGBing. E.B. - Georgia

Just to let you know that the parts fit like a glove. Although the muffler was just a tad longer than the original there was no problem in installation. Nowwhen driving around town I can hear the radio and that lovely sound of the wrapper being ripped off the shortbread. Thanks again. R.H. - New York

Just installed the instruments lights I got from you last week. Man, I was amazed at the change! Your ads concerning these bulbs do not do them justice.May I suggest a side by side comparison picture of two speedos with your bulb and the original? When you started sell these bulbs you did all of us a bigfavor! Many thanks! G.M. - Louisiana

Jeff, just a note of thanks for your time with the air filters. I am really chomping on the bit to try out this triple Stromberg setup. Good Luck at Carlisle. N.S. - Maryland

Jeff, I got the shipment this afternoon, loved the cookies and looking forward to doing business with you again! A.C. - New York

Jeff & company; Just wanted to say thanks for the quick service. The order arrived on 5/1. Though I've only ordered twice (so far) I've been pleasedwith the prices and the response time. Keep it up. I'll be back. B.G. - Minnesota

I did appreciate the fast service, and the low price. You got the two parts to me for the price of one from Moss, that's great! B.H. - Washington

I can't tell you my surprise! Being a VP of technology at three or four dotcoms I have seen all the customer service tricks...your personal note was truelyunexpected...thanks for following up. I think you have earned a loyal customer...being a MG owner I will always need parts:) thanks again for thefollowup. P.I. - Illinois

Hi Jeff. Got the TD parts a couple of days ago.. Your service has been wonderful and I thank you ever so much. Take care and thanks and you'll behearing from me. F.L. - Hawaii

Hi Jeff, I got your message on the visors and I want to thank you for staying on top of things. I also received the other package you sent. Thanks for allof you help! T.C. - Mississippi

Dear Jeff, Just wanted to thank you for your assistance in locating the part I needed. Marc did have one (the only one he sold in 25 years) andeverything worked out fine here. Thanks again, will be sure to order from you the next time I need parts and you will be recommended to myacquaintances! Mike

Starting my 2nd restoration! Love your service. R.B.- OH.